Rise of the Globalist Army

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, two of continental Europe’s preeminent globalist politicians and cocksure leaders, met in the ancient western German city of Aachen and signed a new Franco-German friendship treaty which Merkel has said ‘’contributes to the creation of a European army’.

The signing of this new treaty solidifies both Macron and Merkel’s firm commitment to globalist ideology and ending the notion of national sovereignty.

During a press conference, the German Chancellor stated that the pact seeks to construct a ‘common military culture’ between to two countries. She also called for the creation of a European Security Council which would act similarly to that of the Security Council of the United Nations. The council would be responsible for streamlining defense policy across the continent.

Macron and Merkel both seem to think that if they can raise a Franco-German-led EU army, that this will somehow protect them against the unrelenting tide of populism coming from the Visegrád countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia), Austria, and now Italy. The two couldn’t be any more mistaken.

Recent polls taken in both Germany and France suggest that the centrist, corporatist, globalist style of government that Merkel and Macron both promote is on its way out.

The people want national populism.

According to an Ifop poll that was taken in September – before the yellow vest protests began to mind you – only 29 percent of French citizens said they support Macron. This number has surely dropped since the yellow vest protests originally commenced in mid-November. In another poll conducted by Ifop, national populist Marine Le Pen from the National Rally party had more popular support than Macron.

So, if Macron and Merkel are going to attempt to raise a Franco-German-led European Army, they had better do it quickly because both leaders will more than likely be gone soon.
During the press conference that went on before the two leaders met behind closed doors, the German Chancellor warned against the rising nationalist sentiment spreading across the European continent.

Last year, Merkel unabashedly stated that ‘nation-states should be willing to give up their sovereignty today’ and this should be carried out in an ‘orderly fashion.’ This statement alone is more than enough to show how disconnected from ordinary people she has become.

This new Franco-German Treaty has drawn harsh criticism from many Western leaders.

US President Donald Trump immediately denounced the idea of creating an EU army. In a tweet, he said, ‘Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China, and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two – How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!’

The former leader of UKIP and diehard Brexiteer, Nigel Farage replied to Merkel’s speech, saying her comments only made him happier to be leaving the EU.

Gavin Williamson, British Defense Secretary and member of the Conservative party also denounced Merkel and Macron’s desire for a European army as an ‘absolutely crazy idea’ that would inevitably undermine peace and security on the continent.

A Polish member of the European Parliament, Ryszard Legutko, accused the supposedly center-right Angela Merkel as being identical to leftwing socialist politicians in Germany.

As the pro-globalist governments of France and Germany become increasingly isolated on the European continent, we should only expect their disconnected belligerence to increase until their people dispose of them like the trash that they are.

And as we’ve seen in France with the Mouvement des gilent jaunes (the yellow vest movement), this process is already well underway.

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