Ring Security Camera Hacker Tells Girl He’s Santa | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Welcome to “big brother” . THAT is why I do not have new electronic “gadgets” in my home.
    New computers have “backdoor” programs in them that let “big brother” turn your cameras and microphones ON even when the computer is turned OFF. TV’s, radios, even some appliances, now come complete with “spyware” that can spy on you in your home.
    MY computer does NOT have a camera, or a microphone hooked up. AS you can see here, The new “ring” systems and others have backdoor ‘spy” programs built right in, so “big brother, or CRIMINALS, can check to see if you are home, disable your system and do whatever they please.

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    David in MA

    A hacker or a Ring employee?

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    I don’t own a ‘smart’ TV, Alexa, Ring camera for all of those reasons. It’s been pretty obvious for the past 6 or 7 years that M2M technology would have eavesdropping imbedded in them or hackability built into them. It was known as a big possibility way back then.

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