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    I wonder how the DEMOCRATS feel to be LOSERS even BEFORE this “impeachment inquiry” started (especially with the CRIMES committed against POTUS Trump and (hopefully) PRISON sentences afterwards for TREASON and SEDITION)? The REAL losers would be SENILE Pelosi, Nadler and dog pile SCHIFF as they are LED away in HANDCUFFS awaiting prison sentences. TREASON and SEDITION are VERY serious crimes. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

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    Brendan Delaney

    I seriously cannot believe that this is happening, the entire Democratic Party should be arrested and tried for treason, for going to any length up to and including fraud, in an attempt to wrongfully remove our elected POTUS. AFTER 2 YEARS nonstop with the b.s. Mueller investigation, to this ridiculous complaint that was obviously the closest thing to a crime that they’ve been able to find, despite about 5 years nonstop investigation …..

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    Do you mean patriots for Trump and Putin Dictatorships!

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    Thank you Rand Paul!

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    Andre Stephenson

    Menendez tried it. Murphy tried it. Biden tried it. Maybe so, but none of them are president. When the president of the United States tries it, it’s impeachable. Trump didn’t try it for general corruption, he tried to ask Zelensky to dig up dirt on the Bidens. That’s wrong. That’s impeachable. Rand, you refuse to see the facts!

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