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  1. 1

    Jim B

    The very foundation of our legal trial system is that the accused has the right to face their accusers. Buggeyed Shifty kept taking about this being a trial. Well buggy, produce the accuser, and we’ll have a trial. If you don’t like the facts of the rules, crawl back in your cockroach nest and don’t come back !!

  2. 2

    David in MA

    DOJ has got to start “tweaking” some people to find a squealer.

  3. 3


    it needs to be over, he did nothing wrong!!!! please stop her and the other democrats.

  4. 4

    Carson Tyler

    What kind of bill are you wanting to pass. I am sure for what ever it is you will be receiving a hues kick back.

    Not to respect your oath of office there must be some kind of reward.

  5. 5

    Craig Michael Vandertie

    ROFLMAO, revealing the name of the lying component of toxic waste only puts him at risk of being charged with lying to and high crimes/treason agains the people, his life at best is at risk from the Clintons and/or Obamas.

  6. 6

    Robert Cunningham

    Anyone who brings a charge against another, irregardless, but especially the president of the United States to attempt to remove him from office– MUST stand before congress, the President and the American People to justify their charge. They also MUST be be held accountable if they bear false witness against the one they accuse as well as any who collude with them in the lie. To use this kind of deceit to harm anyone, especially the President, is nothing less than treason and subterfuge and should be dealt with accordingly to the maximum the law allows, including capital punishment. An attack on the president is an attack on the United States and is an act of war. No more crimes against our nation with impunity! The left has been declaring that the President is not above the law…amen to that , and neither are they any more. Full accountability with the full consequences under the rule of law!! Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Obama, Biden, Holder, Shiff, Nadler, Cortez, Ohmar …. every lying, criminal one of them. They swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies– and they are those enemies. Drastic action must be taken or our nation dies.
    We are not in politics, we are at war from within with those who hate and want to destroy us.

  7. 7


    What’s next? Why can’t we bring these scum to justice? It’s not the time to let our guard down. If anyone thinks those Democrats are going away quietly, think twice. I say we bring everyone who lied at the impeachment trial to justice. If it were an ordinary citizen, they would be incarcerated!

  8. 8


    Who cares now? It’s over President Trump is acquitted. Now investigate the Bidens Sleepy joe isn’t the lead candidate unless you know something the rest of us don’t

  9. 9

    Wendy McClanahan

    I’m so glad Paul Rand is ‘standing his ground on the Whistleblower.

    I wish he would post each ‘internal movement and position, before and after Obama, throughout Trump’s Admin….. I can’t find the article that listed them all. I think it’s important to ‘reveal those strategic placements’.

    Myself and many, question, why the hold-overs from past Administration, especially opposing political party.

    It’s obvious, that this was a ‘well thought out plan & setup, by the Democratic party – using ‘free reign to place those ‘Hold-overs, exactly where they needed to be.

    We need to, give the President & Commander in Chief, the right to
    employ his own trust worthy positions (as with Ambassadors).
    That is a flaw in the White House system, allowing tyranny & coups given the too much access & too many chances easy at hand.

    I also believe, thou you came through finally, our Republican Congress should have stepped up, standing behind him earlier. (Also, all of you, all, out & fighting for our canidates in 2018 – we all ready knew they were out to win, using ‘false agenda & flipping their rhetoric against him’.
    In that, they over powered with their tactics.
    We had full reign of Senate & House & could have had it all, the Wall Built, Immigration dealt with, Voting rule & regulations in place against Illegals, and much more.

    Further, our team needs to get down and dirty as they are, but with dignity, and go after & do something strong & hard – Asap -to the entire bunch of corrupt Obama admin, starting with him.
    No whitewashing and slow put offs. Get it done, widely spread, now – now – while the ‘false inquiry & impeachment, through the aquital is still ‘hot’ – get it going fast. We need it, for 2020 campaigns, to not just hold but gain more Congressional seats, governor’s, mayor’s, every office we can – mostly ‘these Judges’ – in every level!!!!! Then undo the damages in each state these monsters have ‘put in place’ —
    Right now, the Republican people and ‘fence voters’ are ripe with ‘the fight to stop these Democrats…. Slam daily ads on all social medias with ads ‘for the PEOPLE to Campaign, Distribute Flyers & brochures with record & history of their work in office, who they are “Republican” (here, none of our brichures in mail boxes stated ‘the party’ – comparisons of even Dems & each of their ‘on the job & what they did, voted for, and the false rhetoric (with proof) – to show who & what they are, what they did.
    Here, there was no available Trump signs, & few Congressional or Judges…. Seriously, none & few. No one had….????
    Fight back for God’s sake! Let’s win this BIG!

  10. 10


    Maybe DemocRATS should not be allow to interfere with executive privilege.

  11. 11


    Maybe DemocRATS should not be allow to interfere with executive privilege.

  12. 12

    Brad Smith

    Why the hell are there operatives in the CIA anyway? That is just one example of Why they call Washington the swamp. Because there are people that are supposed to be protecting our president as well as the interests of this country that are committing treason. At the very least that man should be jailed or executed.

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