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    This is one so called journalist who really needs to be thrown in jail for treason. She has lied about the President of the United States every chance she could, she makes up stories and embellishes pure crap just to make President Trump look as bad as possible. She and her program are pure trash.

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    They ought to put her in jail. Her sanctimonious rhetoric is appalling!!! She is a b……..h.

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    I DON’T LISTEN , OR EVEN WATCH ” Q—- SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!

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    No, all you corrupt Democrats who have committed voter fraud should be jailed at once! And, yes lock up this dumb woman for treason for good!

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    michael whitman

    Here we get to hear from one of the biggest liars with a news show or should I stand corrected an opinionated fool who has no idea of the facts. But since she is a member fake news media never feta called out for her untruths. Go figure, but then again don’t they birds of a feather flock together, FAKE NEWS.

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    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    His is another woman that got her job not because she was good but for other reasons. Then why isn’t Gore in jail?

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    I think all the democrats with the fake news need to be arrested for everyone that for 4 years tried everything that they could to impeach our president.. Trump knows who they are and if they get their way with this election Trump should do the same to them. Impeach_ impeach_ impeach

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    Never watch her. She is right up there with the rest of the cry babies. That’s all they did for 4 years.

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    Rachel “Mad Cow” is not a ‘journalist’.
    she should be scorned by anyone with half a brain. Disseminating lies and falsehoods and yet protected by the 1st Amendment she proposes to eliminate. typical “Left” hypocrisy!

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    She is a disgrace to the american people and schould be deported with no chance of ever getting back in this great united states of america.

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    Tony Morris

    I have only listen to this crazy chick talk one time and turned off the program before I tossed a shoe at the TV. She is a certified lunatic….but that is what makes her “News-Worthy” and pays the electric bill for her. What a nut job….like Abrams in Ga., Pelosi in DC., AOC in DC. and the list goes on and on. I am not a racist, do not hate women or children or people of color, but I can not imagine a normal conversation with this dumb a$$ broad.

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    This thing (Rachel ) can say things like that about Rep. and get away with it. She (it) should be taken off the air. This is a sick person and if It feels like that, the Rep should of jailed every Demo who voted for Daffy Duck (Joe) because he’s is more nuts than a fruit cake.

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    Stupid POS lesbo!!! No wonder nobody watches her. The lying bitch is a disgrace to our country!!!

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    Ron Pangborn

    Does this include Hillary and Fat Ass Stacy Abrams?

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    Rachel the Communist should be given a fair trial, then stood up against a wall and shot. She’s a pure traitor & wouldn’t know the Constitution or American values if she was clubbed with them.

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    Trump’s attempts to overthrow the election results are shameful. Maybe legal, but still immoral. He consistently screams that the election was rigged without any proof. Georgia had a hand recount–same results. He tried to throw out millions of votes in Pennsylvania but a Republican judge through out his lawsuit. He’s tried to encourage legislatures in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia to overrule the certified election results and choose electors who will choose him.

    In regards to your comments on the Obama administration, all of your claims have been thoroughly investigated and no evidence has ever come forth. Just like the lies produced about this current election.

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    John L

    All I’m going to say is, I wear 33×32 pants and a medium shirt. Please send me my Union Uniform right away, so that when the President calls us into action to combat these Communist Traitor Confederates , Im ready to move on them.

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    Yes when it comes out and whatever Democrat or whatever George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg or the Twitter guy anybody that had anything to do with making our elections look like a joke to the world should go to jail for a long time and I’m telling you right now Congress needs to take section 230 away because I’m just a normal citizen and I got locked out of Twitter just because I made a comment about Robert De Niro because he started calling us all a bunch of crybabies and stuff and I told him he was a has been actor and they locked him out they suspended my account for thatI mean they have way too much power to sit there and I mean block our first amendment rights they are violating the Constitution if Preston has the freedom of speech what the hell does the civilian a private citizen have nothing and we need to change the name of the republican party to with the people that would really piss the Democrats are not Collett the republican party no more call it with the people

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    SO… that being the case, why are Hillary and the Democrats in Congress still walking the streets…?????

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    Gary O

    Okay then start with her highness Hillary Clinton. This useless gal has been in the media too long and her opinions do not mean $hit!!!

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    Rachel Maddow is confused about who she really is. She needs to take a good long look at herself and realize Americans do not accept the rantings of a PIG dressed in human clothing. She can go jump into a Luau pit for all I care…her comments waste space where more viable, intelligent comments should be written. Once a PIG, always a PIG!

    So who told Maddow she was a human when she was a piglet. For shame, for shame, for shame!

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    richard wasik

    does this lesbian know what the hell she is talking about

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    If people would quit watching her, the ratings would tank and she would go away. The only reason she is there is, people keep watching and watching means money.

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    Do you also include the Democrats who challenged the Trump election, the democrats who challenged the election when Gore lost, the lamenews media’s who continually air only what they want the public to know and try to encourage public outrage, ( if this is starting to hurt, it’s because the truth usually does). If this is the case then take your place at the front of the line and March your way to prison.

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    So all of those people who protested Hillary’s loss should go to jail. Good idea. They are still crying over it.

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    She’s a stupid uninformed liar. She should be taken back to 1st grade where she belongs. She will never wake up. Ms.R Stalin you are almost as dumb as you look!

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    She is right, anyone who has a difference of opinion should go to jail! Not!!

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    she should be put in a cell by herself and hosed down with cold water as she is such a stupid bitch and that is why CNN is up for sale

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    Then that should mean her Highness C–t Maddow should be jailed since she slandered and blatantly lied about Trump. How quickly they forget their actions.

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    Rebecca Tobey

    Specifically for Paul:
    You are some kind of stupid.
    You’re both gay, I’d bet my $2.oo dollar bill.

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    Rebecca Tobey

    We have Obama to thank for giving “this type of person” the guts to speak out for what she believes, which couldn’t be normal because her morals are warped for her sexual preference.
    How dare us straight people (let me explain for the morons, that would be a man and a woman only in a relationship) disagree with “her,” or stand up for OUR rights.
    That’s right you bitch, normal people have rights too!
    I say put her in jail with Pelosi, the Queen Bitch with a Hammer, until death do they part

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