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    I think this college should be shut down, because the Administration is racist and very stupid.

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    Eileen Young

    Outrageous, demeaning, un-American! This onslaught must be stopped. They seek only to indoctrinate. Why, because ownership is their goal. America is a universal Nation, are their good and bad people, Yes, we humans are flawed. This does not abdicate our rights as free thinkers! Stay away from those whose goal is to limit and control and demand their beliefs only are acceptable! We are NOT ROBOTS! We are not citizens of China to be sent to “re-education camps”. Not yet anyway! If these places of “higher education” find a particular person becomes violent, or exhibits terrorist ideology deal with that individual, alert mental health, or civilian authorities

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    Barry Benjamin

    This is a hoax.

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    Paul Fishman

    Lewis and Clark College is committing blatant civil right criminal acts of apartheid and segregation. This same college is also a breeding ground of racial terrorism indoctrination by their brainwashing lies. This is NOT education but indoctrination with mindless hate ideology to be acting out in mass violence.

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    Texas Tea Partier

    I would drop all my courses in my class schedule and transfer to another college with a similar degree plan. Money talks and I would walk!

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    Well, now the truth finally comes out. Dummycrat were the ones who enacted Jim Crow laws and now it’s dummycrats trying to bring them back. The real racist were the dummycrats all along.

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    Barbara hogge

    Give me a break they knew exactly what they were doing and that it was wrong. This is blatant discrimination by this college and all the rest. This needs to be stopped and addressed

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    dino chump deplorable

    If you weren’t a racist fifteen years ago with nonobambas bull exhaust and all of the forced love for your neighbors even if they are sleezeballs and things that the ignorant liberals are forcing down our gullets,it would be very easy to become a racist.

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    Isn’t that just fostering racism you idiots..

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