Pelosi Suddenly Willing to Agree on Relief Bill

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that she would work with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass a smaller coronavirus relief package. After months of unwillingness to agree, she said she is now willing to accept a smaller deal “because we have a new president.”

“What shifted in your opinion when the Problem Solvers Caucus had a much larger bill a few months ago?” a reporter asked Pelosi. “You did not like that piece of legislation. What has shifted now when they’re on board with this piece that’s come out in the Senate?”

“Perhaps you missed what I said earlier. Joe Biden committed to ending and crushing the virus and had a build better America initiative, build back better,” Pelosi replied. “A vaccine, answer to our prayers. An answer to our prayers of 95% effectiveness in terms of Pfizer and Moderna and there maybe others coming forward. That is a total game changer, a new president and a vaccine.”

“This has simplicity. It’s what we’ve had in our bills,” she said. “It’s for a shorter period of time, but that’s okay now, because we have a new president. A president who recognizes that we need to depend on science to stop the virus. A president who understands that America’s working families need to have money in their pockets in a way that takes them into the future, without any of the contraptions of any of the other bills that the administration was associating itself with [inaudible] before.”

Pelosi refused to give the Trump administration any credit for Operation Warp Speed, which accelerated the creation of both vaccines.

A second reporter asked Pelosi if she regrets not accepting a deal months ago. Pelosi responded, “I’m going to tell you something, don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question, if you want an answer.”

“That was not a mistake, it was a decision and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other shall we say considerations in the legislation that we don’t want,” she continued. “Now, that is it. The fact is, I’m very proud of where we are. My chairs have worked very hard on all of this. They were not even happy with a proposal that we made the other day, before we saw this proposal.”

According to Fox Business, the new bill, which does not include a stimulus check, “allocates about $300 billion in funding for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, $240 billion in aid for state and local governments, $180 billion to extend boosted unemployment benefits at $300 per week through March and a temporary moratorium on COVID liability lawsuits to allow states enough time to design their own laws.”

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36 Thoughts to “Pelosi Suddenly Willing to Agree on Relief Bill”

  1. I just think she has lost her damn mind.. she thinks we, the American people, are stupid.

  2. M. Jones

    You could see this coming for months. She used the pandemic as leverage to try to get as much Democrat bailout money as she thought she could get, and to malign Trump. When that didn’t work, she stalled until after the election so if Biden won she could claim victory.

    It’s too bad she doesn’t work that hard on helping her constituents.

  3. Brad

    Why is a stimulus check not forwarded to the American people. I thought Congress would help some of us less fortunate to be able to get a stimulus check to help them with things, like Rent, their mortgages and other bills. That this pandemic has minimized their ability to pay.

  4. What a joke, but then again look at what we’re dealing with. Her character is and always be in question! She is the opitimy of what every female shouldn’t be!!

  5. Ann

    She is shameful. I m sure she has never had to choose between medicine and rent or food. We could have had help much sooner but because she Hates a president that we the people elected we must just do without till she can LOOK BETTER IN HER OWN EYES. TALJ ABOUT DOING WHATS GOOD FOR US. NOT HER HER LIFE TIME.

  6. Derla Coale

    The working people have been let down by both sides on agreeing to a proposal that leaves out the 1200 stimulus money. Shame on you,,,

  7. Shes only agreeing because they have been caught fixing election. Trump is still our President. Biden can stay in helk with all the cronies

  8. Shelly satterfield

    You are eliminating the stimulus payments because you don’t want Trumps name on them!
    Shame on you Pelosi
    You are a disgrace to all America

  9. This is disgusting! President Trump got the vaccines going not Biden…..he did to the vaccines as he will do for our country…NOTHING! ….Pelosi should be put in prison for treason against our country

  10. John

    Pelosi is plain evil. She refused to help people because she hates Trump. I hope and wish every bad thing that can happen on you. May your freezer break down and all your high end ice cream melts. I am sure that would bother you more than people going hungry, losing their homes, jobs, and dying from covid-19. You are sick and need to disappear.

  11. We have to win the GA runoff to control the Senate. I fear what Pelosi and the new VP will change this country into. Pelosi has withheld money to help the general public in every effort any republican made since this pandemic hit. People and business as well as health care are al suffering from the virus deaths, closures of businesses, lack of income and very little educaiton for children. She needs to be removed from office and stay home with her freezer full of ice cream. Harris is so far left that between her and AOC and their followers, we, as a nation, will be in dire straights within a year and Harris will out Biden so she and Pelosi can control the US. SAD SAD.

  12. T Beach

    Still goes to show she doesnt care 1 bit for the people she is supposed to represent. Without the stimulus check for the people all they are going to do is hand more money to their corperate friends that dont need the money.

  13. Carolyn

    Political hack maneuver by Madam Pelosi!! Very obvious and obstructive–should I say destructive–to responsible leadership!!

    Makes me beyond sick and tired of this kind of misuse of power and fine behavior.

  14. Paul

    It was not a mistake.

    She wanted things to be as bad as possible forthe American people until the election as a lever to use against Trump.

    She is the worst human imaginable.

  15. Jeffrey Murray

    She seems to have forgotten that Biden is not the president and all of this happened under President trump’s term in office.

  16. James Chapman

    We don’t have a new President yet, because of the fraud. From the Democrats! It is the people that are having a hard time. The people who have the last word. We elected the political parties. We the people of the United of America deserve the truth. Fraud is the only way Biden and the Democrats could win,

  17. J. Hammel

    She will never get it there is not a new president and Biden’s cheating party will never be our president. I would rather die in a civil war than live under their party ruling this country.

  18. What about us the American people? She don’t care about us!

  19. rottenrollin

    There’ absolutely nothing NEW about Biden.


    Signed: Old Geezer Army Vet

  20. Dori Hester

    Uh, a new President has nothing to do with the vaccine. Trump is the one behind pushing for a vaccine, leave it to Nancy to give kudos to Biden.

  21. This is the reason she should be removed from her position PURE IGNORANCE.Biden is the most dumbest SOB that was ever voted in politics.He and his whole family are corrupt.


    These idiots have allowed millions of citizens to lose their homes, power shut off, cars repossessed, evictions all because they wanted things their way. Not once did they mount an honest survey of citizens to get their opinion (Because they knew what those millions wanted and ignored them) instead they worried that their $174,000 salary could be affected.

    They remind me of infants fighting over who gets to dictate the game, they forget that those. 20,000,000 people will remember in 2 years and their majority in the House will be lost to those people who suffered ( that is 25% of Bidens total votes). Time for voters to drain that snake pit.

  23. The which knows she can manipulate brain dead Biden to resign and the woman Biden chose as vice president will be kicked out, And the which will become president. So long to the United States of America.

  24. Bruce johnston

    We the people fund the government why should we be left out of the stimulus bill !!! With out us you don’t Have any capital PERIOD!!!!!!!!! Shame on you. I paid taxes my whole life to be excluded is down right wrong! Why should schools get more relief it’s my school taxes I have to pay every year that funds and pays for the school budget so We don’t get any relief that is not right !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Pat

    She is a liar. She is incompetent and a nut case. Her, Biden and the rest of the commies are a total disgrace to America!!

  26. Our money is going to her special interests. What about the people who will be homeless and starving?

  27. She would rather see our country in flames than to give Trump any credit for the vaccine . She is an evil witch who puts her way above what’s good for America. I truly believe she is insane

  28. Micala

    No Stimulus Check? Everyone else gets funding to get them by, but Pigface Pignosi “decides” that she’ll sign off on this new bill that does “ZERO” for the Senior American citizen? THANKS FOR A BIG NOTHING PIGFACE! You’re still a witch with a “b” and every American citizen knows it!

    Question for you Pigface: What are you going to do when President Trump is announced as the true WINNER OF THE 2020 ELECTION? IMPLODE? ONE CAN “HOPE”!

  29. Nancy Pelosi is the lowest piece of scum on Earth. If it weren’t for TRUMP none of this would be coming into play so rapidly.
    She is full of hate, she even hates herself, just like the rest of us.
    Hey Nancy, you’re going to jail, soon. You’ll reap what you sowed and not one person will give you a 2nd thought.
    You’re a disgrace, breathing our air.
    You have reached a new plateau in your hypocrisy, you have become non essential. Adios mf!

  30. Gary

    I think that she and her clans should be ousted and kick out of our country for good never too return ever all because they didn’t like our commander and chief

  31. We need the 2nd stimulus check! Please vote. For we can get by Dec 31st. Christmas money

  32. I did not vote for Biden, but he is my President. I hope he will do right by the American people. We really need this stimulus ck no 2

  33. Jay Hirsh

    Every one s quick to condemn Pelosi but it seems McConnell was the one refusing to even negotiate fro weeks on end. He was the one that said we did not need relief checks!

  34. Florenda G Bas

    Pelosi , who? The witch! It won’t be long , she’ll be swimming with her iced cream & she’ll get drown! She is a lunatic dreamer, it won’t be long , she’ll be out , as Texas ‘s Atty General is
    Going to investigate the 17 States , Georgia ,
    Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas , South Carolina,
    South Dakota & etc.

    This is the Election Lawsuit , To delay Presidential Elector Appointment while the investigation of Texas’s Atty .General is going on!

    God knows , how we Republicans has prayed and hoping that the election fraud will be proven!

    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

  35. Tony

    How did she become speaker. She is an idiot and being a democratic I’m discussed how the Dems act. There is so many losers in our government it is sad from Pelosi to Chuck Schumer to Schiff to how they fixed our election. Than you have two on the intel committee Eric Swalwell having a China spy on his payroll, he should be gone. He is worthless . Than Schiff a liar who is the head dummy should be gone. One more thing the money the Dems have spent on Trump trying to get rid of him millions and millions when they could have given it to people for loss of wages or tax relief.

  36. LarryJean

    The Democrats are evil people they don’t care about us,just the money can get from us, instead of helping the American people, the money running out on my end we need help everything is going up but not my pension or social security. The american people need help, we are much better off with president Trump as our leader , we need him he did so much for our country, god bless America.

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