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    This is nothing new..The American people need to open their eyes and see that all the democommunists LUST for, is complete POWER and CONTROL, that will turn this constitutional republic into a third-world communist controlled cesspool, and the citizens into controlled “subjects” to be used, abused, taxed to death, regulated beyond belief, of if all do not kowtow to the new “masters”. You will be attacked, injured, maimed, your business looted and burned , or you will be MURDERED by one of the democommunist PAID terrorist groups (“antifa”, the communist-party-funded “black LIES matter” for just two “examples”)
    Wise up America and take OUR country back from the democommunists that seek to destroy it.

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    Alex Czeranko

    Senator Harris has shown what she believes in. She is so far left that if her and Biden win this country is finished as we now know it. I hope that people see through all of the b.s. the left puts out. They think that Black’s and Latino’s should vote for them because they are Democrat. They have done NOTHING for the minorities.
    I think you will see that President Trump is going to have the highest percentage of minorities vote for him. In fact it is these groups that may lead to his re-election. This would be good to see. Especially for a “racist” President
    TRUMP 2020

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    The truth is sweep under the carpet use like my comment.

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    Don McCarty Jr

    kamala is not good for America ! the only thing kamala is about is herself and power! when a politician has to fake accents and pretend she something that she is not, that person is a complete FAKE! I HAVE A FEW WORDS ABOUT HER AND HER POLITICS, but cant put them here in public, very explenative! she couldnt do her job without predjudice and prudence when she was a prosecutor, how can ANYONE expect her to do the right thing if she gets voted in as VP and then takes over as President!? we cant, she is a very dangerous person to have in office and around a nuclear football. she would be the downfall of America. this woman needs to be dismissed from office, PERIOD!

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    She is a hypocrite of gigantic proportions. What a disgrace for America to even consider her for ANY public office. The idea of a Biden win, which wouldn’t last long…& then a Harris presidency is disturbing, to say the least. She is everything that is WRONG with America’s political system…& she aligns herself with THE SQUAD, who I’m praying is voted OUT of office, they potentially could completely demolish our government standards, our value system, our MORAL standards…EVERYTHING. All they want is power & money, & will stop at nothing to achieve both goals, to the detriment of the tax paying hardworking public. God help us all.

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    Kamala Harris IS AN ILLEGAL. Her parents came to the U.S. illegally and she was conceived here, illegally. Her Paternal Grandfather owned SLAVES in Puerto Rico . HOW illegal can she GET? Officially , she should be thrown off the Vice-President ticket by Biden, however , he is crooked and evil, so he will not do so.
    The left is using both of these “ILLEGAL” clowns to overthrow the Government.
    Soros, Bill Gates , and the Clinton Cartel are manipulating the “marionettes” behind the scenes.

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    She is pathetic the only reason they want illegal’s is for there vote. They will promise them the world and then they will screw them. Please do not be fooled by this phony lady, Trump has done more for the military in 4 years then the democrats have done in there history.

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    Kamala Harris is only concerned in anything that helps Kamala Harris and with minimum effort on her part. She is a hard core communist who Vladimir Putin says is more communist than the Soviet Union. If you want help from her look anywhere else.

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    This low life bit-h expects people to accept her as a V.P., that’s how corrupted she is, someone is going to put a hole in her head, she needs to take her fowl a-s back to India.

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    Senator Harris is a piece of garbage i pray she gets no closer to the WH than as a visiter.

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    muiehiela muista

    I these extreme liberals will win the elections they will will bring the COMMUNISM to our country…kamala harris, bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio cortez, nancy pelosi and all these extremists are just plain COMMUNISTS. Americans be aware!!!

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    Not surprised, after all, what better way to destroy America than to favor illegals, esp. those who kill citizens. I guess they should consider themselves blessed she didn’t sic attack dogs on them.

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    Sooooo grateful that Kameltoes won’t be our VP/Prez.

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    ian fleck

    bloody skank should not even be in politics,she is a horrible 2 faced cow

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