Obama’s Forgotten Scandal (One of Them)

“Justice delayed, is justice denied,” and although this is a small victory for the thousands of men and woman targeted by the IRS under the Obama régime, it’s a victory nevertheless. While there was sparse news coverage of what actually took place under the Obama Administration – targeting conservatives because of their political points of view is one of the darkest chapters within America’s history. Reminiscent of the tragic events in Benghazi, the media fell silent.

Obama and his minions (with the help of the media) are masters at covering their numerous acts of malfeasance.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press initially reported that conservative groups were the subjects of illegal and unwarranted scrutiny by the federal agency solely for political purposes.

“It shows that when a government agency desires to target citizens based on their viewpoints, a price will be paid,” said Edward Greim, a lawyer who led the class-action case in federal court in Cincinnati.

The IRS agreed to a declaratory judgment, stating that “it is wrong” to purposely scrutinize a tax return because of a taxpayer’s name or political philosophy, the report said. Along with the favorable judgment, the conservative groups received a “sincere apology” from the IRS…

Under the tutelage of former President Obama, then-senior executive of the IRS, Lois Lerner, became aware of the targeting in 2011 of conservative groups legally applying for tax exemptions – however encouraged auditors to target them.

And yet Lerner, a former IRS senior executive, requested that her testimony be sealed – and it was.
Her lawyers claimed that there was “exceedingly low” public interest in having their depositions released, and they said tea party groups are pushing for disclosure out of “spite.”

“The public disclosure of this personal and sensitive information and details of the harassment would further no legitimate end while undermining substantial privacy and physical safety interests,” the women said in briefs filed by their lawyers.

The settlement appears to be a “pay-off” or perhaps more bluntly a “bribe” not to pursue any further with the class-action lawsuit.

The Justice Department under then President Obama personally cleared Lerner of any wrongdoing, even praising her in a public statement for stopping the targeting of conservatives when she learned of the infraction. In Leftist World, the fact that this version contradicts the sworn testimony of others just doesn’t matter.

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