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    If anyone believes that the government has stopped this…you are sadly mistaken. And Google and Facebook are major players. Of course Zuckerberg is just a closet cock sucker anyway. His word is no more than dog shit. If our government wants to know anything about you they have access to records of your every move,words,and will even go as far as to tell you what you think. We all fall into a category and have been labeled as such. So don’t believe for 1 second that any part of your life is private. On top of that Google and Facebook and Twitter filter what they seem to think you are allowed to view by what kind of info your internet searches should or shouldn’t reveal. They literally ultimately decide what you can and can’t research and what you read to make a so called informative decision.

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    Sam Cochrane

    I have a truth, why didn’t Osama Ben Laden make the FBI s most wanted list? Check out the FBIs spokesman , Rex Tomb what he said to reporters in 05 . Didn’t have the evidence !

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    Linda L Hill

    It seems that our government cannot be responsible enough to not use these NSA tools without using them them against another party and even our current President; not to even mention the American People illegitimately, so, what to do about it? The tools used by the NSA are to be used to help protect the American People against any who will do harm to our Country, whether within or whether outside our Country. Therefore, We the People have to decide what is best to do, and not left to our government to make the decisions. Put it to the vote, is the only way, because then we will only have ourselves to blame if things do work out.

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    I am Sergio I was abused by my owen father. Of the n.s.a they voilated my civil rite and the people of voilated my civil rite they posion with a formula that wasn’t tested so they harverd university student involved they did so many illegal experiment on me with out my permission it was the Germans Uber Brain brittany it was the india prince the son it was sincintolgy and slot more people the international people want to take this country. The failed oh and they also killed me but they saw scared them I am a guninus am autism and a prodigy professional astafargas I wan justice or the world will suffer.

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    ozer rothkop

    How can you find out if the nsa is surveillance someone. Thanks Ozer

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    Systemic racism, global warming,BLM,Antifa,Culture change,not our concern what and how our children are taught…….people like Kamala Harris…moved from fronting Joe Biden out as the sexual predator he is to hopping on the Biden bandwagon. Pelosi demanding masks when she will not wear one herself unless in front of a camera. Mayors and Govenors eating indoors when we can’t. And now I understand that gyms for government use were never closed. Most of the blacks shot by police were and are criminals,yet their families have Kamala Harris’s condolences. Prosicuters that won’t charge violent criminals, but it’s ok to attack a police officer without consequences. Harris,Waters,Palosi encourages rioting,looting,burning,yet prosecute if you are defending yourself or your own property. And let’s not leave out retribution for something that was done 150 yrs ago. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!!!!! Just because it hasn’t knocked on your door “yet” does not mean it won’t. These things are just a prelude to Bidens America. He wants to go back to terrorist Obama ways. When is enough enough?

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