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    The truth is out Commie Rat Pig Bastards!! You’re the only Morons with your heads in the Sand!! Ignoring the truth will NOT make it go away! AMERICA Knows!!

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    Gary Gilliam

    Thing is tax payer funded repression and cover-up.
    Refund NPR.

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    NPR should be defunded being they want to censor reporting news that is detrimental to the liberal left.

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    Raymond LeRoy Steele

    Joe Biden and the Democratic party have zero concept of knowing the truth … Even when it bites them constantly on the Ass …

    All you as a sane american have to do is look to the states that have had Democratic leaders for the last several decades … San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland …. The list goes on forever … The constituents of all these states and cities have suffered from over taxation, lies and nothing ever getting done by the left …. The Trump revelation of Democratic Rule is going to create a RED WAVE of disgruntled Democrats and Independent voters the likes of which this country has never seen …

    RL Steele

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    T. Ridgell

    Whatever happened to investigative journalism? #DefundNPR. We don’t need them and the taxpayers money could be better spent elsewhere

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    NPR should go with the story and let the public decide to believe or not,we all know NPR is a arm of the democratic party so should know they will ignore it.

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    This figures. I have relatives so liberal and love pubic radio and tv so much they bleed liberal. So sad to see so many people taken in by mainstream media. Prayers for the election of Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence, and the rest of the Conservative party, also, Rush, for a cure for his cancer.

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    If NPS “doesn’t want to waste THEIR/your time,” then WHY does PBS (and presumably NPS also) waste their/our time by slamming President Trump repeatedly? They could use that time to report on the corruption of the Bidens.

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    Dustin Campbell

    Rather than a comment i have a question i desperately need answered or questions rather so heregoes. Are there no clauses within the constitution and its framework that can grant control or authority over to we the people of general public or what have you lets call it “us” at anytime after elected officials become so blatanly and openly obviously corrupt and morally bankrupt as well as unreliable and also compromised why not i mean take your pick every safeguard branch whos purpose is to create checks and balances that keeps the machine running without fail they are all compromised and incestious do we not have a clause not one ? It just seems familar but i get overwhelmed tryin to figure out whats still law from whats been changed and how And second thing i ask everybody is why are we not boycotting twitter and facebook completely it so stupid that we all dont go back to myspace hangout with Tom again because he was cool and so was myspace and it dont make sense everybody knows now how bad facebook sucks just like it always has and still we all stay with it and on it like we’re the dead horse being beaten here or something dumb along the same stupidity somehow and so why??? Why why why cant we go back to myspace fellow people? There we likely could you know organize some kind of wedding you know or maybe plan out that real big bbq we been needing to have as a nation probally more than ever since George Washington had his big bbq a while ago you know yall remember that dont you? Not bein mean im just paranoid about things some So i ask any and everybody with the time those 2 questions. Do we not have a clause to restore order ourselves like in the beginning? And doesnt everybody miss Tom by now forreal? Lets return to myspace everybody have a big bbq yall want to? Everybody down? Facebook has to go IMMEDIATELY

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    Doesn’t it seem very strange to you that NPR, funded by taxpayers, does not want to waste its “precious time” on solving the scandal concerning the investigation of the betrayal and corruption of potential President and Vice President of America?

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    Alex Czeranko

    The plot thickens. This is what politicians do. They lie, cheat and are deceptive. That is why Donald Trump won the election in 2016, he is not and was not a politician. This is why he will win in 2020. He is not a politician

    TRUMP 2020

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    David Cohen

    NPR is not ashamed to speak publicly about not printing the Biden story is sinful ,they are and will always be on my shit list that is the least I can do. The public should cost them aside like old trash that they are

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    all I can say is when is this corruption going to stop when are these people going to be held accountable for their actions, when do they pay the ultimate price for corruption? This is an outrage and these crooked politicians need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law including removal from public and imprisonment.

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    Public funding being wasted. Cancel all funding, I am a tax payer, there’s a lot more worthy organization that can use the funding! Cancel out another Fake News organization now

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    David Cruzen

    NPR are a bunch of MORONS. All they need to do is follow THE EPOCH TIMES, a very trustworthy paper, unbiased, presents all the FACTS.
    I lost all respect for NPR.
    Truth be told, I never respected them. They are only good for picking up my dog packs crap bombs.
    NPR stands for NOT PROPER READING.

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    Debra Ecker

    NPR is funded, at least partially, by taxpayers. DEFUND NPR! There is no place in America for censorship, or “journalism” so biased it can no longer qualify as journalism

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