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    It certainly looks as though Kim Jong Un is using China in order to develop nuclear arms. He is kissing a$$ to get what he wants. China is retarded if they go along with this. Communism is so rampant on our planet, it is as if there is no hope at all for any of the rest of the countries. I believe all the heads of the communist countries deserve to die and violently before all is lost!

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    Buddy H.

    So crazy is inherited. Who knew? New crazy leader, new axe to grind.

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    Dan Danser

    Thanks liberals for supporting and encouraging the civil unrest America so that N’ Korea can try to take advantage and THINK he can take advantage of the situation. Liberals and never Trumpers are trying overwhelm OUR President. Real Americans won’t let them.

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    Time to really play “hard ball” with these kooks. That goes to the Chinese also. The only thing they understand is “in your face”.

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    who gives a damn take me off your list idiots

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    If the North Koreans fire against The U.S. and it’s ALLIES (like South Korea), MAKE a PARKING lot out of it by LEVELING it FLAT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    North Korea is going to blow up his own country. He is going to start the Mountain to erupt by setting off the bombs.
    Just another Hitler, Castro regime.
    Trump 2020

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    Ismail Lopez

    north korea always provocating the south they have rage hatred because south Korea is backed up protected by the US , i’ was there camp pelham on the DMZ, it’s a very sensitive intensed situation, the rest of the world don’t understand unless ti be explained because it,s unfold only us who’ve been there knows and understand, we can destroy them but we won’t because just like south Korea is backed up by the US, they’re backed up by China and Russia!! and that my friends can lead to a nuclear war!!!

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    Send Pelosi to live in North Korea with ALL her supporters then level the country!

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