No Problem is Too Small to Blame Trump

The #NeverTrump media has reported its shock, dismay and anger over the Trump administration’s seizure of passports from American citizens. This was reported as more evidence of the specious media narrative that Trump pursues anti-immigration and racist policies.

It should be noted that possessing a passport is not a right of citizenship. That’s right. We do not have a fundamental right to obtain a passport. The granting or refusing to grant a passport is an administrative or law enforcement decision. Passports are often seized from people to prevent them from leaving the country to avoid prosecution. Passports are seized if there is reason to believe that they had been obtained fraudulently.

The left-wing media folks report that the persons whose passports have been seized are being denied due process in the courts. First of all, the seizure is not a judicial matter, but an executive decision – and there are procedures by which the individual can fight the decision.

This seems to be another example of the left’s propensity to give non-citizens exceptional rights to break American laws. We should simply forget enforcing the law when a person crosses our border illegally. We should not enforce the law when a foreign person takes a job in America illegally. We should not press charges when an illegal alien defrauds our welfare system. We should not prevent non-citizens from voting illegally. We should not turn over illegal aliens wanted for crimes to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). We should not take action against undocumented people who illegally acquire false documents. And now, we should not be concerned if a person used such false documents to fraudulently obtain a certification of citizenship.

After a day or two of the far-left media blasting the Trump administration, and Trump personally, over this terrible activity – even comparing it to what dictatorial regimes might do – the facts started coming out.

Fact number one. This is not a new policy or something introduced by the Trump administration. It has been going on for years. Both the Bush and Obama administrations engaged in the practice.

Fact number two. The seizure is because there is reason to believe that the person obtained their certification of citizenship with fraudulent documents. If that is the case, they are not American citizens.

Fact number three. The seizure of passports during the Trump administration has been down 60 percent compared to the Bush and Obama administrations.
Fact number four. There have been fewer than 70 cases since 2008. This fact was offered up by one of the media’s regular liberal panelists, who said the entire story is overblown.

With malice of forethought, the left-wing media grossly misrepresented the facts. The media gave this nothing-burger propagandized story significant coverage and analysis – all accusatory against Trump. This is the sort of slanted reporting that gives a level of credibility to Trump’s frequent use of the term “fake news.”

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