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    Michael G. Warren

    TRUMP is NOT the outgoing POTUS. He and Pence have four more GREAT years!! KAG!!
    Wait for it. Fraud, lying, deception, by Democrats will soon become clear to the world!

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    It is a crying shame that the Media has gotten so corrupt and one-sided that they can no longer be trusted. Yet so many people listen to them and believe everything they say because they don’t care enough to read, ask questions, or investigate. Now, fact-checker has been bought off by the corrupt and no longer can be trusted!!!.

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    if there are one hundred thirty three million registered voters in the U.S. and mr Trump revived 74,000,000.M there are only sixty six M left how did Mr Boden receive 85M

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    If we can get all the journalist and democrats to head for the hills and into bunkers, that would be great. Then all we have to do is call in the bombers and put them out of our misery.

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    Tim graham

    Just think, all this, chinese virus release on purpose, election stolen, media propaganda, all to eliminate one man who stood in the way of communist globalists agenda. And not one out there with the balls to say it out loud. ” None dare call it conspiracy”

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    I suspect that if the Harris/Biden team is installed in the White House, the substantial evidence that the election was stolen will be buried and the system will never be fixed. We’re in for a rough ride without end going forward.

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