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    If people have firearms that are unregistered in this day and age you really think they are going to let the government know? These governments in this country cannot be trusted.. the republic is just a shell of its former self..

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    Sigmund Bloom

    Upcoming kids are not being taught to shoot, hunt, fish, or even how to plant a garden. They have NO idea of how to field dress an animal (deer, hog, rabbit, etc.) This is the main reason for the reductions in ownership. Also, the prior generation had just ended WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam and we had a healthy respect for self protection. Not now. Seems we have lost that will to look out for ourselves and be ready for any and all who would do us harm.

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    There is a major fallacy in this article. Since 2008 gun purchases have increased almost every year. The main reason is the increased anti-gun movement in Democrat controlled states. This also causes gun owners to deny ownership when answering surveys.

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    Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.

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