Native American Joins Cabinet, Media Loses It

Congresswoman Deb Haaland of New Mexico, has now been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior.  That makes her the first Native American to serve in the Cabinet.

However, she is not the highest ranking Native American in our national government.  That honor goes to Republican Charles Curtis, who served as Vice President of the United States under President Hoover.  He was a member of the Kaw nation.  I am not sure if Mrs. Woodrow Wilson counts. She claimed Indian princess status as a direct descendant of Pocahontas.  And then there is Senator Elizabeth Warren who … ooops …  I am digressing.

So, what would you think to be the most important quality that would make now-Secretary Haaland a good choice for the job.  Weeell … if you follow the media, there is only one trait worth noting.  Her ethnicity.

Before writing this commentary, I dug into a lot of news reports concerning her confirmation.  I learned nothing except the ancestry issue.  Nothing about her record in Congress.  Nothing about the all-important policies she will implement through the Department of the Interior.

The reports were so skewed to her ancestry that you would have thought Haaland was confirmed to be the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) – or maybe that she should have been.  (And yes, political correctness is forcing a renaming of the Cleveland Indians, but the government has yet to follow suit.  Maybe that will be one of Haaland’s actions.)

Just to put the record straight … I fully appreciate when some perceived barrier falls.  It is noteworthy.  But it is not the only issue – and in my judgment, not even one of the most important issues.

I have no problem with the rise of minorities to powerful positions – as the left accuses us white folks.  I have no prejudices against any group – unless we are considering the Mafia or any of the extremist hate groups on the left or right. 

The fact that Haaland is of Native American ancestry is of no importance to me whatsoever.  What I do care about are her policies.  How will she deal with the critical issues of the Interior Department – and it is far more extensive than Native American issues.

By wallowing in political correctness and identity politics, the national media does a great disservice to the concept of an informed public.  They actually hinder the flow of information – playing on perceived prejudices rather than policies.

In my view, a person’s ancestry, gender, religion or sexual orientation should NEVER be the first consideration for a job of any kind – or even a consideration at all.  Great leaders will rise from every group.  I am not bothered by Haaland’s appointment.  What she IS, is of no consequence to me.  I will only make judgments on what she DOES.  So, at this point, I say congratulations and good luck.

But as far as the press is concerned … shame, shame, shame on them for failing in their responsibility and duty to be fair and honest conveyers of critical information.  Enough of the cheap narratives-as-news!!!

So, there ‘tis.

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2 Thoughts to “Native American Joins Cabinet, Media Loses It”

  1. Beverly Heald

    In my opinion, Biden doesn’t have brains that God gave a goose…nevertheless, he and his constituents continues to be the destruction of the United States of America. So many of our young men and women have given their lives for US and these “devils” are destroying it. Guess that’s why Obama ordered all the body bags?

  2. Jay L. Stern

    Ever since the days of Andrew Jackson in 1829, Native Americans have been badly, terribly poorly treated by the dirty dems. California, from statehood in 1850 to 1880, when Republicans finally claimed the governorship, over 55,000 Native Americans in Alta California were masscared by dems while the administration either participated or looked the other way. The People were starved, frozen, deliberately infected with small pox, murdered to steal their babies, kidnapped, shot en masse and strychnine poured into their water supplies. When Jackson ordered the Cherokee tribe and others in the southeast onto reservations in Okahoma territory, thousands made the trek on foot (“Trail of Tears”) with multitudes dying along the way. Things improved when Republicans were in office. HOW ANY NATIVE PERSON CAN VOTE FOR OR BE PART OF A DIRTY DEM ADMINISTRATION IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION. They have largely forgotten their own history.

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