MSNBC’s Massive Hypocrisy

No, the headline does not refer to some new musical group put together by her new hubby, Joe Scarborough. It refers to a vulgar insult Mika Brzezinski leveled at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and by extension, President Trump.

In Mika’s foot-stomping frustration that Pompeo has said that there is no direct evidence to link Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to the grisly murder of Arab activist and stringer for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, Brzezinski let loose with a nasty zinger directed against Pompeo. While Pompeo’s comment is controversial, the issue at hand is Mika’s response.

She rhetorically wondered when Pompeo was going to stop being Trump’s “butt boy.” It was a three-fer. In that one statement, she cravenly insulted Pompeo, Trump (intentionally) and … ah … butt boys (unintentionally).

For those who are not familiar with the term “butt boys.,” allow me to explain — discreetly. Hmmmmm. It is the “discreet” part that is difficult. Okay. Think of it as a submissive young man or boy? (her word, not mine) who brings up the rear for the sexual satisfaction of a dominant, usually older, powerful man.

It is a term that should not even be in the mental dictionary of such self-proclaimed left-wing political correctness aficionados as Brzezinski, much less blurted out from the public platform. Geeez!

Brzezinski apologized the next day – after MSNBC started feeling the heat from their audience. The fact that she did not recoil in horror at the moment and say, “Oh my God, I can’t believe what I just said. I am soooooo sorry.” The lack of an immediate correction suggests that even after having uttered that all around slander, she was not shocked, horrified or even upset. And if she said that so publicly, there is a verrrrry high probability that she has used that term more than once in private conversations.

It also reveals the depth of her own political depravity. Her hatred for Trump – and all those who refuse to join her hate club – has unhinged her to such a level that she has no credibility as an analyst of the news. She is a savaging propagandist.

Of course, her apology was more or less directed to the gay community – those represented by that acronym of letters that keeps growing faster than my ability to recall them all. She made no pretense of apologizing to Pompeo or Trump – and therein lies a dilemma for Brzezinski. In the spirit of Jerry
Seinfeld’s show, in which every reference to gays was followed by the obligatory “… and there nothing wrong with that.”

By alluding to that particularly gay sexual practice, Brzezinski is basically insulting gays. Mika sees accusing a couple of straight guys as being gay men (… and nothing wrong with that) as the absolute insult. It is essentially a condemnation of gayness that would be well received in the most zealous religious communities – Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Brzezinski should apologize to her audience in general for using … abusing … her media platform for saying something that may well have gotten her a timeout on Facebook. Her lowlife comment would be like me calling Mika a “media slut” because we politically disagree – which I never would, of course.
And then there is the final point. Why is it when the left displays hate and hypocrisy offensive even to their own politically correct standards, there are rarely any repercussions? If MSNBC were not so hypocritical, Mika’s required apology would have been followed by at least a two-week suspension. But then we know the answer.

So, there ‘tis.

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