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    But it sure is wonderful to run down to the supermarket when you have a bunch of 20’s in your pocket and a couple hundred extra in your account.
    Just run out of income for a couple months or a year or more, and you are willing to embrace the temporal fiat system. It is wonderful that the utility companies, the grocery store, the gas station, online purchasing companies, as well as other consumers (will sell you their home) for that same fiat currency.
    After all, everything we purchase anyway, is breaking down, including our bodies.
    And it sure is a convenient way to keep score. I play Monopoly, but really have nothing to show for it at the end of the game.
    The oldest know society, known as the Phoenicians, circa 3800 BC, have a writing that states, When you have little or nothing, to sleep is restful, but when you own land, materials, power and currency, an individual spends his time worrying and planning.
    I think how the Word speaks of either to serve God or Mammon.

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    William Pitsker

    Henry Ford and some of his friends tried to explain this, publicly, about a hundred years ago. The (even then) controlled media accused them of being “unAmerican” and propagandized them out of the issue. Representative McFadden mysteriously died, even, after reading the entire Federal Reserve Act, thoroughly annotated with his sarcastic wit. Oh, the “New Deal,” was also “subterranean” back then, even.

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    Yes, and we pay indirectly for every dollar that is spent on everyone throughout the world. Sooner, rather than later, WE are going to run out of MONEY! And you, collectively, had better pay attention to that fact.

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