Meltdown, Meltdown, Who Had the Meltdown?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recapped Wednesday’s tumultuous White House showdown with President Trump over Syria, saying she told him his troop pullout was a gift to Vladimir Putin, and questioned him about helping Saudi Arabia, before Trump had what she called “a meltdown.”

However, according to President Trump and others in the meeting, it was “Nervous Nancy” who had the “meltdown.” After Pelosi walked out on the meeting, the president took to Twitter, responding to the latest Democrat attacks questioning his mental health and saying that it was he who had the “meltdown.” Trump tweeted that either Pelosi has mental problems or she and other Democrats deliberately put their partisan interests above the interests of those of the country.

Pelosi reportedly stormed out of the meeting with top White House officials, citing disrespectful treatment by President Trump. Republican lawmakers who were at the meeting, however, have said Pelosi’s claims make no sense.

“Inside the meeting, what I listen to, the speaker referred to the President I thought was unbecoming. The only thing that happened in this meeting was the Democrat leadership got up and walked away. When there was a time of crisis, leaders should stay whether they like what is said or not and actually work to solve a problem.”

— Representative Kevin McCarthy ( R-Calif.)

Meanwhile, Democrats are increasingly focusing on the 2020 elections, while also continuing their push for presidential impeachment. Pelosi defended her party’s impeachment effort, saying it was about the rule of law, not electoral politics.

“I keep saying to people impeachment is about the truth and the Constitution of the United States. Any other issues that you have disapproving of the way the president has dealt with Syria, whatever the subject is, the reluctance and cowardice to do something about gun violence, the cruelty of not wanting to help our Dreamers and transgender people, the denial about the climate crisis we face, the list goes on,” she said. “That’s about the election. That has nothing to do with what is happening in terms of our oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Trump has slammed the impeachment process as a witch hunt and scam by the Democrats, because they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box.

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17 Thoughts to “Meltdown, Meltdown, Who Had the Meltdown?”


    send Pelosi to new Zealand with ginsberg

  2. Dave

    A complaint should be lodged with the FEC against Democrats using a False Impeachment as a means to campaign against Trump for the 2020 Election.

  3. robert

    80 year old women should not meltdown like pelosi did, its bad for their health. next step is an assisted care facility. those inhabitants will not vote her in as anything!

  4. Trump all the way

    It’s just another case of Dems pointing their own mistakes at the Republicans. Everything they’ve accused Trump of, they themselves have done. Everything they accuse Republicans of Democrats have done or are doing. Take a look at it. Where’s the violence coming from i.e. Trumps rallies, where was the quid pro quo i.e. Biden’s video confession, the Russian involvement i.e. Mueller report, and more. They’re telling on themselves every time they come up with something new. Just pay attention it’s all there.

  5. samurai_larry

    Pelosi will never give Trump credit for anything he does that is good for our nation (which is 100% of what he has done and is doing). She and her Democratic contemporaries only have one goal in mind, to get rid of Trump (he had the impudence to beat their “darling”, Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party has gone TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to the max. Democrats need to put a stop to what their elected officials are doing but they just stand by and watch, no intervention and no concern for what is right for our nation. Tulsi Gabbard finally took a stand after being attacked by Clinton but, unfortunately, she is still a Democrat and will cow tow to Democratic leadership (which is the primary problem here) when the time comes. Pelosi is the real problem and the “gutless” Republicans in Congress need to get a “backbone” and stand up to her. Her “fake” impeachment inquiry is unlawful and a joke with its close door, no Republicans allowed sessions. It has never been voted on by the full House and the Republicans need to find a way to “shut it down” and defend Trump. TDS runs rampart in the Democratic Party and it is hurting our nation!

  6. Emery Rice

    Well, Patriots 4 Truth, you just said it, and I quote !!!

    ” Our writers are seasoned veterans, they can smell BS, propaganda, sensationalism or just plain stupidity a mile away. ”

    So, why are you giving, the three amigos, Nancy Schumer and Shifty Schiff, the floor, to spread this stuff ? You just gave Nancy, more attention, than you did Trump, IMHO.


    President Trump is the GREATEST president of all time. I STAND with president Trump.

  8. bruce

    More Repuglican bullshit


    The democrats have lost their minds. They lost the election because of a person with no scruples, conscious, or morals was running against the republicans. The people are sick and tired of the lies put worth that uneducated dreamers believe. The witch hunt began before the election. I hope and pray the Democrats do not get in. Everything they seem to touch turns to poverty and destruction. Pelosi needs to retire, she is mentally unstable.

  10. Not for a second has the Democrats given due respect to our elected president. At every opportunity they attempt to obstruct the president.
    Along with their media partners they have consistently lied to the American people. The democrats have made it their sole purpose to harass president Trump and have completely ignored their responsibility to the American people. Pelosi talks about praying and yet leads a party who murders 10’s of thousands of unborn children each year, she talks about the constitution but ignores our immigration laws, and works against the 2nd amendment . She is the problem, and wants nothing to do with solutions.


    I understand and defend OUR President and his views. That being said , I came across a survey claiming to be by the President. I highly doubt that he would take time away from what is going on at this time, but: the survey was taken by myself and I agreed to fill it out which I did. I came to the end, there were NO questions about (1) what are your fears about Social Security as it effects you? (2) are you concerned about taxes rising? (3) what is going to happen with my IRA, savings acct, checking acct? You see I am 66, divorced, living alone, on SS and I had to go back to work. So I am very concerned about MY life as an old person who lives paycheck to paycheck, is my SS going to still help me out, is the govt. going to take my small life’s savings, my IRA, and my bank acct.? These are the questions I would like answered. When I get my answers I will give you my survey answers. I want you all to know I am TRUMP 2020 or even higher. GREAT MAN !!

  12. All the Dems and most of the Reps need to be replaced in 2020, the President needs help, to finish making America Great again.. Keep up the good work, Mr. President….

  13. Radone

    Why is it more people who were in the meeting said you got upset you walked out and you had the meltdown, yet only Schumer tucked his head between his legs and followed you like your little puppy dog licking your ass as he followed. This is not the first time you walked out of a meeting with Trump when things don’t go your way. You are like a spoiled brat. You are a nobody. You should respect the President if the US and if you don’t like the man respect his title. You are an embarrassment to women who hold important jobs and when they don’t get their way or something is not what they like they don’t get up like a baby and run out and cry.


    Strange how Nancy can overlook the fact that Obama, and libs can show the reluctance and cowardace for eight years to solve gun violence. The libs had the same eight years to solve immigratiom problems and did nothing, but create issues for the consercaties to deal with.
    They truely are hypocrites.

  15. Cheryl Gilmore

    The people in the congress should get on with doing the work of the people. That is what we
    elected them to do. They are the hired help they work for us. Just shut up about all
    this other crap. Dems you lost . There is another election in 2020. Let the people decide.

    One more thing . You all are so fixated on Russia. Just remember Russia is only our enemy
    if we make them our enemy. It’s not the fifties it’s 2019. Surprise there is not a Commie
    behind every bush . There are more pressing issues. The southern border. Homeless people
    by the thousands. Crime in the inner cities. Roads and bridges need serious attention.

    Better get some stuff done or none of you will be able to get elected dog catcher come 2020.

  16. It does not show competent leadership in a crisis situation to walk out of an important meeting. I believe Nervous Nancy had planned this BIG SCENE even before the meeting was to take place. I’m sure all of the intelligent people of America are aware of the lack of proper competent leadership by the self serving Democratic Party. It’s a no brained to vote these people out of office they can always retire on their ill gotten fortunes. They are in it for the power and money look at the Bidens they could care less about the Americans and our way of life. VOTE TRUE REPUBLICANS.


    Pelosi and Hillary are both in need of medical treatment. Neither one has accepted facts that the Dems party are losers.

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