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    What mark cuban does not want to except is the fact that BLM STANDS FOR BURN, LOOT AND MURDER, He refuses to see the blacks have been killing blacks It is not the police nor whites killing blacks it is blacks killing blacks, Cuban needs to get brain surgery to give him a brain. I pray no one goes to his games and they cancel all the season tickets maybe that will wake him up to what is really happening

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    BLM and ANTIFA are COMMUNIST guerilla groups that are AGAINST the U.S. Constitution. They need to be sent to FEDERAL PRISON to serve a STIFF SENTENCE – MAYBE permanently EXILED to GITMO. The U.S. Constitution OUTLAWS their existence. ANYONE who supports BLM and ANTIFA supports the OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution and THIS Republic ITSELF. Mark Cuban either should be ASHAMED of himself or in PRISON. One Enlightened And DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Kurt Walker

    It is ridiculous for Mark Cuban to challenge Herschel Walker on anything concerning racial problems. Herschel had to work for his and against many walls.

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    Mr Walker is correct. BLM has nothing to do with Blacks. It is a Marxist organization trying to overthrow the US Government and doing a good job since they have Biden running for them to control America. Mark, do you want that? Get ready to turn our your fortune.

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    Bill Pieper

    Michael Avenatti ought to rot in prison or hung from his testicles. Not one cent from taxpayers

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    Richard Hollonbeck

    Maybe the football players should have to serve in the military before becoming a professional and then maybe they would appreciate what being free truly is. These people who are destroying our history by tearing down our statues, should be arrested and fined heavily. Those umbrella people need to be arrested and sent to prison for injuring our police officers. Let’s get some drones over Chicago to catch these murderers. Let’s enforce the laws we have!

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    1.Cuban is a joke… He should have spent more time making sure he was running a free from sexual harassment organization.

    2. Faucie is a fraud. Wrong more than right. And maybe another plant for the DEMS… just like The Russia mess………………….

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    Cuban is an uneducated moron if he believes in systemic racism . That’s a Huge Farce just as blm
    Is !! These people are domestic terrorists Period !
    Their actions prove that !

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    Joey your post is spot on !

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    I have worked since pre-teen by first mowing lawns, delivering newspapers and washing cars. Since those formative days, I’ve earned comfortably, paid my taxes and relished a government that wisely and prudently used my taxes to develop the best country on earth!
    I am so very close to enouncing my U.S. citizenship and fleeing to points unknown.
    Herschel Walker is right: Mark Cuban is a rich dunce who gets far too much media time. BLM,ANTIFA, and many protesters need a closer look!
    Career Politicos, Journalists genuflect to the BLM crowd. I really respected the Cathy family but I will go to Hell before shining shoes for someone because I feel threatened…or just to sell more chicken f…ing sandwiches! Nor will I sit still while the government pays a 3hirs rate Lawyers bills? F-him and his lawyers!
    What a mess and the choices in November are a sad commentary on this Nation that was founder under God but is moving swiftly away and to Mohammed.
    May our God in Heaven help us all!

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    Charles Sopha

    From this article it wasn’t very heated about the domestic terror group BLM. In fact it wasn’t much of a discussion at all.

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    I never did like this whiny Mark Cuban. He talks out both sides of his mouth with bogus facts. he and the NBA can move to Red China.

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    Jackie Cox

    FAUCIs’ opinions are politically motivated

    In fact the NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO are neglect in the authority given them.

    They should be totally reorganized by professional Scientific Information Technology modern engineering design manufacturing marketing companies employ in the Scientific Method, NOT the opinions of political operatives currently heading up far to many Deep State agencies

    FAUCI to support NY/NYC treatment of coronavirus is bizarre. To refuse HCQ, ZINC, ANTIBIOTIC 5 day CURE should be grounds for dismissal

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    A BUNCH OF RACIST, DUMB SOBS! Herschel Walker never was & is Not a Spokeperson for the Black Communities in America.

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    I’ve watched NBA basketball forever but now when I hear that there going to put names of Blacks that have been killed on there jerseys I will not want to watch it anymore.I don,t want them shoving this down my throat.How about we put names of policeman that have also been shot by Blacks,That to would be just as bad.All LIVES MATTER BLACK AND WHITE.I could go on and on with this craziness that they are trying to do so i’ll just PRAY for all lives .

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