Man dies seeking to avoid Covid-19

One of the sad stories of the Covid-19 outbreak is the death of a man in Arizona and the hospitalization of his wife.  According to the story, they ingested chloroquine phosphate – one of the chemicals being looked at as treatment against the virus.

It should be noted that neither of them had any of the symptoms associated with the virus.  They were hoping the chemical would be a preventative.

In the left-wing media world of Trump-can-do-nothing-right, the President was blamed for this death because he had mentioned chloroquine phosphate as one of the chemicals being looked at by the scientists.  The man’s wife even said that they learned of the chemical from Trump at one of those White House briefings.  They thought they would try it.  I mean, what harm could there be?

The anti-Trump press jumped on the story as another reason why we should all hate Trump.  He is killing people.  But there is more to the story.

Apparently, the couple noticed that they had chloroquine phosphate in a household product – a fish tank cleaner.  That’s right — a product designed to rid the home aquarium of all that mold, algae and what ever else begins to fog up the sides of the tank.

Any death can be viewed as a tragedy, but it is hard to render unqualified sympathy to someone who thinks a fish tank cleaner will made a good medicine. It is even more preposterous to blame the President of the United States – but there seems to be no event that cannot be turned into a criticism of Trump by the press.

It reminded me of a guy who seriously slashed his leg with a Sears lawnmower at a time when I was employed by the company.  He sued.  He did not win his case.  Seems he was trying to trim the hedges by holding the lawnmower over them.  It is called a LAWNmower.

There is only one person – maybe two – to blame for the tragic death of the man in Arizona.  It is the couple who drank the poison.  There is no cure for stupid.

So, there ‘tis.

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11 Thoughts to “Man dies seeking to avoid Covid-19”

  1. Totally stupid thing to try. Don’t blame Trump for this couple’s outrageous stupidity. I saw the event on TV when The President mentioned this as something to try. but not drinking a fish tank cleaning compound that contained it! It might work and it might not, but was worth testing.

  2. Thomas

    Just proves … There is no cure for Stipid …its a sad tragedy .

  3. Dave Bishop

    Larry Horist, you just hit the whole thing where it exists: In the hands of the ignorant. Those people, in their fear, did what most of us -I hope- would not do. Self-medication is the fastest way to kill yourself, using what you think might be a help, without the knowledge of experts. Meanwhile, the arrogance of the MSM is to blame the President because he is doing what is necessary, not telling people to use products meant for another use. Irrationality is always the first resource of the MSM.

  4. De’Sandra Simmons

    Wow! Was this really necessary? Does this truly justify your comments? Clearly fear was the motivator and not stupidity. Can you be any more insensitive or is this your daily characters?

  5. Jcatherine

    Exactly…stupid is as stupid does. The wife just took the extra step of taking her stupid story to the stupid msm. Where else?

  6. Statesman Patriot

    That is called natural selection.
    The intelligent and fit survive.
    Darwinism takes care of the rest.

  7. OMG!!! It was a FISH TANK CLEANER. What is wrong with people?! President Trump is not responsible for Ignorance….


    sorry but the people did not get the whole name of the product all they heard was the c word.

  9. President Trump did NOT mention chloroquine phosphate. He was talking about chloroquine and hydroxychloriquine or hydrochloriquine just in case I am wrong

  10. I have a clipping from the Gazette’s Viewpoint, featuring “It may be time to scrap the VA”, published in the Spring of 2014. “Politicians are stumbling over each other with promises to fix the Veterans Administration. It has defrauded veterans and other taxpayers with a troubling pattern of service delays and lies to cover them up. Instead of more empty promises from VA employees, and futile efforts at reform, Congress should defund the bureaucracy, close it and transfer veterans service to agencies that function better. VA officials insisted the problems involve under-staffing and inadequate training. Apparently, we should expect federal employees to create fraudulent records in absence of advanced training. The underlying VA response, as usual, was the sucking sound of bureaucrats wanting more resources to correct dishonest and inadequate service to the public. It is time for politicians embarrassed by the VA to realize the agency cannot be repaired. It has degenerated into a culture of corruption, in which veteran care is seen as a nuisance to employees. It is, at best, a dysfunctional jobs program. Mostly, breaking up the VA would eliminate a bureaucracy so inept and corrupt it undermines our armed services and diminishes trust in the rest of our government. We cannot fix this with more hearings, investigations or rewards of additional money. It is time to go big. Shut it down and start fresh. Give our veterans the service they have earned.” That editorial was made six years ago and believe me, nothing has changed. So what is the patriots4truth’s take on the merits of the article?

  11. Devon Seamoor

    WHAT? Blaming President Trump for mentioning the remedy that killed the old couple in Arizona? What sort of time do we live I wonder, that people walk away from their responsibility and lose the use of common sense? This couple was utterly naive, sweet as they must’ve been in their trust in their President. Elderly people grew up with respect for kings, queens, and presidents as it used to be earned by these heads of states, in earlier times.

    Sadly, those days have gone. We need to sail our private little boat on rough seas and use our own compass and sense of direction. At least, you will be free to choose your direction, YES!

    And now, for something entirely different, here’s a discussion about timelines and our human response to adversity caused by a longterm manipulation of dark forces, sticking to the old-time religion of…. judgment in a black and white attitude as in “us” against “them”. As far as I perceive the present condition humanity finds itself in, there’s far more going on than what meets the eye and ear that only scratches the surface of what’s published in the cloud.

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