Jihadists Receive Their Dutch Passport Back

Five radical Islamic terrorists who had previously been stripped of their Dutch identity will now receive their Dutch passports back due to a ruling made by the Raad van State (The Council of State).

In September 2017, July 2018, and April 2019, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Mark Harbers withdrew the Dutch passports of men who were involved after it came to his attention that they had joined terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, SCEPTR reports.

The withdrawal of their Dutch passports officially made the jihadists unwanted aliens of the Dutch state, which meant that the men could no longer legally step foot in the Netherlands, or by extension, Europe’s Schengen area.

But the decision to strip the radical Islamic terrorists was overturned by the Council of State, reportedly, due to a technicality. Reportedly, officials from The Council of State contend that because the terrorist organizations that the men had joined were not yet included on the list the country’s ‘prohibited groups’, the action that was taken by Mark Harbers was deemed illegitimate.

State Secretary for Justice and Security Ankie Broeker-Knol (VVD) has affirmed that the decision to undo the withdrawal of the men’s passports made for this reason.

In addition to having Dutch citizenship, the five radical Islamic terrorists also are citizens of Morocco. Their names are Driss Daouayry, Az Edinne Benaissa, Benyamine Fadlaoui, Mounir El Kharbachi, and Ridvan Öz.

Oddly enough, the decision to strip jihadists who travel abroad to fight for radical Islamic terrorist organizations is a hotly contested issue in many northwest European countries.

In March, Sweden’s left-wing globalist Prime Minister Stefan Löfven refused to strip Swedish Islamic State Fighters of their citizenships and has said that they have the right to come back to the country.

Denmark has been less lenient than its Scandinavian neighbor. Last spring, the Danish government decided that it wouldn’t recognize “ISIS children” as Danish nationals.

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