“It’s OK to Execute White People” Says Richard Taite

Richard Taite, founder of the Democratic PAC Democracy Preservation Initiative, deleted his Twitter account last week after suggesting that it was okay to execute white people. 

“It is absolutely okay to drag white people out of their cars and execute them in front of their children,” tweeted Pedro L. Gonzalez, paraphrasing Taite’s post. “I’m sure these people will come around now that the Republican Party has gone woke, right?”

Richard Taite made the now-deleted post in response to footage of a shooting that occurred earlier this month in Chicago’s Humboldt Park. Here’s what happened: 

A young couple – Gyovanny Arzuaga (age 24) and Yasmin Perez (age 25) – was ambushed June 19th while celebrating the Puerto Rican Day parade. The perpetrator (an African-American gang member) pulled the couple out of their car and attacked them. Arzuaga died while Perez is in critical condition.

It seems that Richard Taite mistook the Puerto Rican flag the couple was flying for a Confederate flag. He assumed the victims were white. 

“I’m sorry is that a Confederate flag they’re flying from their car? Trolling that neighborhood? Yeah I don’t give a shit,” tweeted Taite.

Richard Taite then admitted his mistake, but said the victims would have deserved death had they been white.

“Well I think this is a little disingenuous but OK…I got the flag wrong but we’re not talking about that are we?” wrote Taite. “The point is, had these people been white supremacists trolling a neighborhood primarily of color, I would have been agnostic.” 

In other words, Richard Taite is saying that had this been a white couple driving through a black neighborhood in Chicago flying a Confederate flag, they would have deserved what happened to them. 

“This is what these people think. Now I for instance think any act of killing is wrong, horrifying,” says Tim Pool, a political commentator who covered the story on his YouTube channel, Timcast. “People should not be dragged out of their car and beaten and shot and killed. I don’t care who you are, for whatever reason.” 

“People like this are the ones getting Democrats voted and people like this are the ones running for office for Democrats,” said Pool, adding that he is no fan of the Republican Party either. “I just love the sheer insanity; the lies; the duplicitousness of the Democrats.”

You can check out Pool’s video here:

Democrat PAC Founder Richard Taite Says It’s OK For White People To Be Executed In The Streets For Trolling People

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  1. Dave Fischer

    Richard Taite….obviously you are a brain dead ASSHOLE, and did I say, “you are an ASSHOLE?” Are you stupid, or just an IDIOT, for making a statement like this?….Obviously, you are a useless FUCKEN brain dead demoCRAP, as they all are, I guess we should expect stupid statements from your party…..

  2. Ginny Rocco

    Let’s take Taite first.

  3. Den

    He won’t be around long. !

  4. Billy W

    You first social troll you ask for it now step up and receive .

  5. Den

    He won’t be around long. ! Fem watts.

  6. Fed up 2

    Doesn’t he look white to you? What an idiot!

  7. Corruptionhater

    We DEMAND that Waite be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated for life!

  8. Keith Smith

    The logical pretzels this individual ties himself up into to justify this kind of murder (or any murder) is at the same time astonishing and tragic. Is this the end of our Republic?

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