Is Our Government Part Of Mind-Control Conspiracy

Our government may actually be a cryptocracy vs. a democracy.  Cryptocracy is a term that still has not made it into the standard dictionary.  Don’t believe me?  Just go and check  This word is shrouded in mystery but Stewart Swerdlow is a man who has experienced mind control at the highest level where even sex magic has been used to help condition certain minds for specific types of covert missions and activities.  Stewart would define the cryptocracy simply as secret society.

Stewart Swerdlow’s great uncle was Yacov Sverdlov who happened to be the 1st president of the Soviet Union.  Stewart’s grandfather was sent to the United Kingdom to start the communist party.  He later was sent to the United States to start a communist party there as well.  Stewart’s grandfather was a Soviet spy during WWII.  Many people are unaware that the US and Russia of the Soviet Union were allies at this time.  Swerdlow was born a clairvoyant with great mental gifts.  He has experience alien abductions as well as government tampering, to say the least, through various forms of physical manipulations.

Stewart was part of the Montauk Project from 1970 to 1983 which involved time travel as well as forward viewing to other planets, etc.  He has worked on many projects with the US government as well as some foreign governments.  His knowledge of mind-control is unparalleled based on his first hand experience and involvement.

Stewart Swerdlow mentioned in an interview with George Noorey from Coast To Coast in 2016 that we are witnessing the Book of Revelations’ script being played out right in front of our eyes.  This agenda is being pushed forward by the Illuminati/government, he said.  Stewart stated that this cryptocracy is attempting to cause the end times via war, financial collapse, and drastic earth changes.  He said this will lead into the staged alien invasion.

Stewart revealed that in the outer reaches of our solar system,  “there is massing there a fleet of beings both from other parts of this universe as well as interdimensionally,” who are plotting to get rid of the Illuminati. This is exactly why the Illuminati have boosted their efforts to control the world and usher in a global government, the second coming of Christ and the acceptance of a new world religion.

These people, beings, entities feel that humanity would be doomed without mind-control.  I feel that mind-control is prevalent in our world today.  The oldest record of mind control was recorded by Marco Polo the great explorer back in 1298 while traveling through Asia.  Here he encountered the Ashinshin group in Persia.

Everything from the food we eat to 5G technology has been put in place to totally manipulate, control and reprogram or pre-program society.  To find out more about this topic I would suggest getting your hands on some of the books the Steward Swerdlow wrote so that you can travel your mind deeper into the rabbit hole.  You’ve been warned!

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