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  1. 1

    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Of what relevance does Hunter Biden have to do with the criminal acts committed by him and his father with a corrupt foreign corporation,personally I could careless how many illegitimate children the Biden family have out there just as long as their heirs stay out of politics.

  2. 2

    Ron jr

    Another example of people of influence, can’t keep their pee pee in their pants over a harlot. And in her defense , she is a gold digging stripper type who will coast off into life as a siphon off rich and powerful men. Through the courts and child support for the next 18 years and beyond. If only I wore a rubber.
    Rubber baby bouncing baby paycheck.

  3. 3

    george briar

    what a guy and can’t help but wonder if he’s still banging his dead brothers wife? also wonder if grand pa creepy Joe is proud of his dead beat daddy of a son? both are complete losers

  4. 4


    Why am I not surprised?! Oh yeah… BIDEN…

  5. 5


    What a chump!!!! What a scum bag. Hunter biden like his father is a cock roach and leech. Besides being a liar and cheat. And these are his good qualities. More sludge will be coming forth.

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