Hunter Biden Is Stripper’s Baby Daddy! | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Cute one Hunter. Well she will get 25% of money you took and with a good lawyer she will get more and go far. Good luck Daddy.

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    Craig Northacker

    Who can remember these wild flings? There have been so many. Especially the Ukraine!

  3. 3

    Hunter, is no dam good as a son.. what brother would be screwing his dying brother’s wife… of course the wife was a slut too. but, how could you see your dying brother laying there and screw his wife….he’s a worthless pieae of shit as well as his father.

  4. 4

    what type of game is this -what will i win?

  5. 5

    Statesman Patriot

    Democrats defined and refined quid pro quo.
    Clinton’s, Bidens and Obamas are masters of quid pro quo and deceit!

  6. 6

    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Of what relevance does Hunter Biden have to do with the criminal acts committed by him and his father with a corrupt foreign corporation,personally I could careless how many illegitimate children the Biden family have out there just as long as their heirs stay out of politics.

  7. 7

    Ron jr

    Another example of people of influence, can’t keep their pee pee in their pants over a harlot. And in her defense , she is a gold digging stripper type who will coast off into life as a siphon off rich and powerful men. Through the courts and child support for the next 18 years and beyond. If only I wore a rubber.
    Rubber baby bouncing baby paycheck.

  8. 8

    george briar

    what a guy and can’t help but wonder if he’s still banging his dead brothers wife? also wonder if grand pa creepy Joe is proud of his dead beat daddy of a son? both are complete losers

  9. 9


    Why am I not surprised?! Oh yeah… BIDEN…

  10. 10


    What a chump!!!! What a scum bag. Hunter biden like his father is a cock roach and leech. Besides being a liar and cheat. And these are his good qualities. More sludge will be coming forth.

  11. 11


    Near scientific certainty hunter’s…just as much probably it’s uncle Joe’s…

  12. 12


    Nothing left to say, he did it, was found guilty new pay up what you owe & continued child support for the next 18 years. Explain this very irresponsible action & lying to cover it to your wife!!

  13. 13

    eliz marsh

    what a disgrace for himself, his wife and his family.

  14. 14


    Hunter Biden’s indiscrete past is relevant. His relationship with his slow moving loser father is also relevant. Trump may not be perfect, but he is a hellava lot better that Joe Biden.

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