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    James Horne

    Face masks may be mandated but still people are not wearing them.

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    The covid 19 has been turned into a joke. Counting people that already have the virus up to 4 times as new cases is part of it. And with hospitals getting extra money for treating the virus has also increased counting people who had other diseases that were already killing them as dying from the virus. But the worst example is when a guy died in a motorcycle accident as killed by the virus. Most Americans are not falling for the BS anymore.

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    Charles Lawson

    Your guide to success of lockdown is not right.
    the lockdown goal was to delay the spread of disease so hospitals are not over run. The delay allowed doctors to get a better handle on treatment. That has shown some benefit. It was also to buy some toward vaccine development. 17 firms now are developing vaccines. A few are already in later stages.
    The goal of the lockdown was not to eliminate the virus. No country is done.

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    Diane R

    you make a claim. Where’s your evidence? Lockdowns and mask mandates don’t work? Maybe they don’t work in the US where COVID cases are skyrocketing and mandates are ignored. But they do work in Europe where COVID cases are low, and people cooperate.
    Just chickens**t again — selfish people who protect themselves with lies, much to the illness of everyone else. Grandmas, children, people with pre-existing conditions. What do I care? It’s not me. They should just take care of their immune system.

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    Laura Wagner

    Interesting. Thank you for an informative article. Now all we have to do is convince our state governors and mayors that lockdowns and masks are not working.

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    And had these wanna-be dictators in some of our US State and local municipality “leaders” simply provided recommended measures to prevent the spread i.e. hand-washing, social distancing, masks, stay home if you’re sick, etc., if/where needed, and let this run its course as every other epidemic/pandemic has throughout history, we would be done with this by now as well! No businesses and lives ruined because of orders to close and stay home! Common sense tells us that viruses don’t run and hide or go away and die just because we’re locked down. But they lie in wait to for victims to attack when they’re unlocked and freed! They obviously have underlying motives, and I think we all know what they are!! 🙄

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    Charlie Prater

    You are totality miss leading people with this information and will be responsible for so many life’s. Science has proven Masks work!

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    Joseph Squerciati

    Are you FN kidding me. All you have to do to see that lockdowns and masks and social distancing do work is compare the results in the EU vrs the US. Florida has more NEW cases than the ENTIRE EU.
    Look at the situation in New York which brought the curve down as opposed to Florida and Texas which opened too soon .They had not met the Administration’s own guidelines for reopening but did so anyway

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    Joe Squerciati

    This is complete BS.Take a look at the Infection curves for the EUmand the US. The EU used shelter in place orders. along with social distancing and mask wearing to drive down the infection. They now have fewer new cases than Florida
    New York used these measures to drive down the curve and has successfully started to reopen. States like Texas and Florida reopened too soon(had not reached Administration’s own guidelines. Now Florida has a higher number of New Cases than Florida

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    Wayne Stander

    Thank you for this information. It is good to know, but I am wondering what did work in Europe?

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