History Lesson: Obama Frequently Deployed Tear Gas at Border

The hysteria exhibited by the unhinged left to President Trump’s use of tear-gas in dispersing a violent mob of migrants is perhaps only equal to their woeful ignorance of history – or maybe a clever attempt at rewriting history with President Trump playing the heartless villain.

The attempted infiltration of our borders was quickly repelled by a barrage of tear gas. That stopped the onrushing advance, dead-in-its-tracks, scattering the mob in all directions – thus avoiding a more lethal response.

However the images of migrants tearfully coughing and rubbing their eyes outraged committed leftists across the country, creating a firestorm of protests on social media. From a deranged Alyssa Milano going into an uncontrollable profanity-laced tirade against President Trump to an incredibly stupid remark by Democratic Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI), hypocrisy was abound.

Both of these loons have no doubt lost any semblance of basic common sense or proportionality in their unbridled contempt of President Trump. Protecting America’s national security is seen by leftists as a violation of human rights.

Obviously, what seems at play once again is “selective outrage” or perhaps a universal dose of ignorance among the progressive elites.

Back in 2010, under then President Obama, the use of 2-chlorobenzylidene or CS (another form of tear gas) was deployed 26-times – the same combination was again used in 2012 and 2013 approximately 27-times.

According to CBP officials, Obama also regularly used pepper spray (another chemical agent) over 151 times at the border in 2013.

Remarkably no one heard from the likes of Milano then, even though the Obama Administration frequently used the same tear-gas agent as President Trump, averaging a few times a month during the last few years of his term. That’s about 48-times within Obama’s last 2-years in office.

Milano is a committed progressive, an actress residing in Tinseltown along with other leftist celebrities, who has made bashing the President a cottage industry for under-employed actors looking to cash in on the anti-Trump gravy-train. Her absurd comments are actually in keeping with Hollywood’s derangement syndrome of President Trump.

Senator Schatz, by contrast, is an elected legislator, his comments should be taken seriously. His asinine tweet on Sunday, implying that the use of tear gas is a violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons, simply illustrates how far down the rabbit-hole Democrats have sunk.

Perhaps realizing how absurd his tweet was, the good senator quickly deleted it.

“Anyone uncomfortable with spraying tear gas on children is welcome to join the coalition of the moral and the sane. We can argue about other stuff when we’ve got our country back.”

Adding, “I went ahead and deleted the one about chemical weapons because I just don’t know enough about what happened. Does this not strike you as excessive”?

— Brian Schatz (@brianschatz) November 25, 2018

This simply shows how uninformed and historically ignorant the Hawaiian Senator must be.

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