High-Powered Explosives Stolen from Largest U.S. Marine Base

Marine Base In San Bernardino

High-powered explosives have gone missing from Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in San Bernardino County, California.

Authorities are searching for the explosives and actively investigating their disappearance.

KGTV-TV says the explosives were most likely stolen. A reward is being offered for their return.

“Sources report that approximately 10 pounds of Composition C-4 disappeared during a long training exercise two weeks ago,” KGTV reported. “They also believe the manufactured plastic explosives may have been stolen.”

CNN reported that the Naval Criminal Investigative Services is investigating the incident.

Jeff Houston with NCIS Public Affairs told CNN that “[o]ut of respect for the investigative process, NCIS does not comment on or confirm details relating to ongoing investigations.”

The Mercury News reported that members of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and area law enforcement were notified that explosives were missing from the base, “but their assistance [in investigating the incident] was not requested.”

According to KESQ-TV, thousands of Marines have been at the base since January 15 participating in combat training exercises. The training was scheduled to end on February 18th, but the unit’s commanding officer is considering extending the end of the training program until the explosives are found.

Marine Capt. Zachary Colvin, a spokesperson for the base, said that despite the missing explosives, the base is not on lockdown.

The Marine Corps Times reported that North Carolina’s 2nd Marine Division — which is based out of Camp Lejeune — and 2nd Marine Air Wing — which is based out of Cherry Point — are also both currently at the base for training.

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5 Thoughts to “High-Powered Explosives Stolen from Largest U.S. Marine Base”


    It’s several DAYS since the “public” was informed of this TERRIFYING breach of security.
    I live in 29 PALMS – just a few miles away.

  2. rottenrollin

    So they don’t even know if the C4 was stolen or used?

    I understand “using” such stuff during training was the best way to make it disappear into private hands.

    Hope the good guys got it.

    NOT friends of that guy in the White House now.

  3. rottenrollin

    All the Pix of Kamala brought me back…….her face with the ?Bile Error” thing.

    First, no errors in the Bible, it is God’s Inspired Word.

    Second……KAMALA……..it is so shameful and disgusting to think such a whoring idiot could be our VICEpresident.

    I’m RottenRollin and I approve this message.

  4. bowhetstone

    cool! many are hoping that d.c.blows sky high

  5. Willie T

    Might want to check Portland. Wouldn’t put anything past those Pantifa cowards. Sure, they might do us the favor blowing themselves up, problem is, they might take someone that actually matters with them.

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