Great Britain Could Be Defeated in a War With Iran! | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Don Spilman

    Brits don’t seem to have any will or reason to fight anymore, their lack of any foundational truths and complacency would probably let them roll over and piddle on themselves!

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    No the Iranians are paper tigers ! If we were in Bririans corner helping them with war materials and “holding their coats” while they kick the butts of this rogue regime it would be a good thing and bulit the karma of Britian with not hurting the US !

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    Simply going by assets is ridiculous. Britain has a far better trained military than Iran and is one of our major allies who would get any and all the assistance it needs to carry out a war against Iran. Iran is broke and has a hostile population at the moment,. The Brits would kick their butt in a relatively short time. Study your military history and note how often smaller forces destroyed larger ones because of better strategies and training.

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    UK is too busy pushing the gay rights agenda, teaching sex to grade school kids and catering to the left wing in general. They are not in any way, shape or form ready for war which we know is coming to the entire earth. Everyone needs to forget the climate change hoax and focus on their problems to make life better. Jesus is coming soon and there is no time to mess with problems that don’t exist and/or that we can do nothing about.

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