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  1. 1

    Dennis Brand

    I agree should be able to carry weapons across state lines if you have concealed weapons permit. Unloaded gun is no protection.

  2. 2

    Richard Olson

    Great! Good job….a patriot!

  3. 3


    There should be CCW reciprocity for all 50 states DC and the US territories. My WV CCW is honored in 38 states but MD a contiguous state in not one of them so if I am on Interstate 81 and cross into MD on my way to PA where my permit is good and am stopped by MD state police and be charged with a firearm crime. This is not right as I am not a criminal in 38 out of 50n states. So much for real freedom.

  4. 4

    William Pitsker

    I’m sure the “Founders” never intended there to be ANY restrictive laws, as they knew what “shall not be infringed” meant.
    I am beside myself that even the NRA allows restrictive regulatory laws to be on the books. Every cent they have should be spent removing these unconstitutional laws and regulations.
    And, WHY HAVE YOU TURNED ON US, with the “bump stock” law, my President?

  5. 5


    This is an excellent idea that does NOT discriminate against LEGAL gun owners. The ILLEGAL gun owner does NOT care about these laws since, by nature, they are LAWBREAKERS anyway. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. 6


    I think Senator Daines is on the right track. If we can lawfully carry a gun not only should we be safe from prosecution for carrying a gun but I would go one step further. If we have a concealed carry permit from any state, I believe all states should honor it. I think every state should have constitutional carry period.

  7. 7


    No one in America needs a stupid CC permit That’s what our second amendment IS people. Stop falling for the Marxist rules. SAY NO to any law that puts limitations on GOD given freedoms. PERIOD !!!!!!!

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