Giuliani Threatens Libel Suit Against Fox Host | Patriots 4 Truth

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    This is how FOXNEWS is drifting to the liberal media side

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    Rose P

    I like Steve Hilton however his remarks about Giuliani were very much out of order.. NO ONE other than President Trump & his Attorney. Rudy Giuliani know ALL the REAL facts & should be off limits. Fighting the sneaky Left is enough & at the moment are LOSING their ridiculous games of “Impeachment”. They make me physically ill!!!

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    Steve Boisvert

    Steve Hilton is a very unethical person. He has dropped his reputation to FAKE NEWS!

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Rudolph Giuliani for too long has been making quite a few comments that are not in the best interests of Trump and making money off of his personal opinions about Trump’s actions is sleazy if he continues to behave in such an irresponsible and stupid fashion he will become as disreputable as a litigator as Michael Avenetti.

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    Hilton should have never made those statements abuse Guiliani while sitting in a chair representing Fox news.
    Hilton is not privileged to all information, therefore he should have left it unsaid.

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    Giuliani is part of the plot to cause problems for Trump or he is losing his mind he has done and said some very stupid garbage that he knew would hurt Trump

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    Edouard d'Orange

    If you’re going make serious charges against someone on a national network, you’d better have, or at least know of, rock solid evidence, Stevie. Besides, who is this Hilton guy?

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    Never miss the Hilton broadcast (show)…and were totally blown away at the ‘news’ about Rudy Giuliani — we just hope there is solid evidence of such an accusation… otherwise
    this is cruel… especially during celebrations of love …..we are honest American people…

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    Vito Randazzo

    Its about Time the Media gets its ass sued off for telling lies and misleading stories.
    The media is no longer an asset to the american people or its republic. They are aimed at its destruction and fall.*

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    Douglas C. Urschel

    Who made Steve Hilton a genius in international politics? Steve Hilton is more like a comic who you just knew would joke about things outside his knowledge, experience. Mr. Hilton (no he’s not in “that” Hilton family) I would advise you to take any big announcements for the news to the director to get them approved prior to you embarrassing your bosses.

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    That guy is an ass hole saying that. He can’t understand is when you see something rotten you seek the truth .

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    John Heathcote

    I am so disappointed in Steve, I always believed that he was a fair minded reporter but this has changed my opinion of him, show me the proof of your mean accusations Steve.

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    don’t you know these days you really don’t need any kind of any kind of evidence if you don’t believe it pick up any newspaper or watch any newscasts

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