George Floyd case: Minneapolis police chief says city’s ‘deficit of hope’ cannot be compounded with more trauma, violence | Patriots 4 Truth

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    That statement sounded like an Ejaculate of Communist Verbage.

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    The gutless police chief just sat on his ass as criminals burned down a police station.

    And this halfwit makes excuses for those that did it.

    What some cops did was an outrage, but some of the “Black” community jump on the continuing spinless response of those in power to run wild, burning, looting, and sometimes, murder, based on a claim as a search for justice. PURE BULLSHIT. What does stealing or burning down others property, (often black people’s) have to do with justice.

    While liberals have created this sense of justice that is totally false. Shoot the bastards sif that is what is needed to enforce the law. The police chief is a goddamn jellyfish.

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    Barack breaks his silence on George….! Barack … say’s…..! ” Uh….Uhh… Ahhh…. ! Hmmmm…. Now….! If I had a another son he would look just like the Schlong Hanging Horilla … Michelle….! “

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