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    The biggest difference America stopped requiring “service to country”. In fact, to my knowledge America is the only country that does not require some kind of citizen service. I was an Army Drill Sergeant at Fort Ord CA in the 1970’s when VOLAR became the standard. Volar – short for “all volunteer army” signaled the end of the military draft. There was an immediate reduction in training agendas such as discipline, American military history, patriotism, etc. Now, only those volunteers for military service exhibit any kind of patriotic appreciation of America and our history. I think the involuntary draft should be reinstated. Demoncraps claim signing up with Selective Service – currently required for “boys” 18 or over – is unfair because it does not require females to sign up. OK! require females to also sign up and all subject involuntary “greetings”. My proposal includes the following: 1) All inductees will attend 10 weeks of military-type basic training. 2) Upon successful completion of mandatory training, trainees can apply for preferred Advanced Individual Training (AIT). From the list of possible AITs, they can list 1sr, 2nd, 3rd choices. Assignments will be based on 1) Individual performance in basic training; 2) “standing” in their local unit; 3) recommendations of training cadre; and 4) “needs” of the country.

    Military service (choice of service branch – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Space Force) would certainly be a viable option. However, any number of other choices – similar to WPA during the Great Depression and Roosevelt administration – could be viable options. Some examples might be: 1) Infrastructure – learning to work ob bridgesn roads, etc. 2) Desire to provide “care” for disabled children or poor people or homeless or elderly or or or – request Civil Service in the desired area. The ONE really good thing Jimmy Carter did was create Habitat for the Homeless (google it) And that can be expanded.

    The best part of my plan is people would be paid while learning a salable skin and would be doing something positive for America. EXAMPLE: Thinking about wanting to be a teacher? Ask for Educational Civil Service and serve two years as a teacher’s aide – half of pay from Federal government and half from the school district. At end of mandatory service, attend college – similar to GI Bill – to earn degree and teacher certification OR become full time employee of school district.

    I know this is long, but it should provide an idea of positive possibilities for each state, city, individual, and for America. It also fulfills JFK’s admonition to “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country (and for yourself).”

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