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    I would say that he knew that what was done was not right and the fact that all of the phisha court files were bougus to begin with that the whole thing was a shame that would make anyone be off it’s no wonder that all of these people that were in on the so called investigation are not prosecuted for the things they brought up on all those people they had no right to investigate half of them let alone bring them up on charges and they blackmailed most of them made some people say things that were not true they or Bob should really be ashamed of themselves!!

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    He has a guilty conscience knowing he supported filthy communist Democrats against a real American patriot. President Donald J. TRUMP.

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    Ray Reeves

    He has a guilty conscience knowing he supported filthy communist Democrats against a real American patriot. President Donald J. TRUMP.

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    Nothing was wrong with him. He was always an idiot. the DemonRATS threw him up against the wall, and he hit the floor a disgraced pile of shit

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    Omg. Older people like us do shake. Always looking for something that happens when under investigations it wears on your nerves and 22 months. Wow waste of time and money to find out nothing. All hear say or opinions of the fake news. So tired of this and demos vs repub. they all lie. Start doing something with you time instead of wasting tax payers money. Pres Trump is doing a great job. Better than demos have done because they want to control everything. Communist gov is not what America wants. Trump 2020.

  6. 6

    Star Dolittle

    May he was the mule that carried the Uranium to Russia , May be even to China

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    PERHAPS , one could deduce , that Mr. Mueller found NOTHING , but , was “coaxed” into fabricating the mere nuances of some “data” , that could be “construed” to “possibly” reflect” the minutest of “evidence” , in order for the democrats to continue wasting TAXPAYER monies, and he was “scared into this dementia” .

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    Maybe just maybe, maybe Mueller was worried of Hillary Clinton. Scared of being on the hit list!

  9. 9

    Eduardo N Romero

    When you make up evidences to wrongfully accuse & abuse authority, there are consequences against your physical & mental health! That’s what Mueller us paying for right now! 🙊🙉🙈🐒🐵

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    Yeah, he found that his “road dogs” were guilty of every charge they brought against President Trump and they were using him to throw shade on the guilty libtards. Seems that he isn’t a real fan of being suicided for exposing the truth about the deep state and the filthy traitorous Clinton/Epstein cabal. Talk about being caught between a rock and a perverted hardon!

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    You deleted my comment, so I guess that patriots4 doesn’t actually want to publish the truth after all. I done with you!

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    Nikita 63

    Mueller is likely to have had at some point in his life a moral conscience and some Integrity not shown in his Investigation at all except for the LACK of substantive findings and I am betting he KNOWS exactly how much conspiracy and collusion was ongoing BEFORE Trump was elected , who perpetrated it and why and lives in mortal fear of being called to testify by a grand jury or worse at some point. That would shake and bake the brain of anyone who had held the position he did in the FBI, then to have the whole Agency leadership be PROVED corrupt as a result of HIS investigation and substantiated by the FOIA requests after Trump was elected and they were released to the watchdog Agency, Judicial Watch.The most recent revelations about the impropriety of the investigation and lack of due process in the case of Carter Page, now admitted to by the DOJ can only be worrying the man even more. I cannot think of anyone who deserves more scrutiny or uncertainty of his future than Mueller, or McCabe or Comey or Christopher Wray …. ad infinitum!

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    Jackie Earley

    A truthful person turned into a liar will always struggle with telling that lie. It will haunt him it will distance him and he will not sleep and of course ultimately his health will be affected

  14. 15


    It was an act. He knew what he was doing and fained some sort of physical and mental malady to escape further scrutiny. If his health is compromised how is he able to return to practicing law?

  15. 16


    I believe he saw the TRUTH and the GRAVITY of the situation and that POTUS Trump is innocent of Russian Collusion. I believe he saw the ILLEGAL COUP that was working against the POTUS and that this is VERY dangerous ground which he did NOT want to be part of. I believe that her would UNLOAD on the DEMOCRATS for this TREASONOUS act of SEDITION against the POTUS and the U.S. Constitution. He was put in an AWKWARD and DANGEROUS position. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Kat Leon

    It was obvious something was not right with him. I felt sorry for him, he seemed totally unattached from the proceedings. Perhaps he had been having a series of small strokes. At the end of the day though, the over-arching truth is this; “it’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God!”

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