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    This is an interesting item. Brief, but thought-provoking.

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    This provers there was non TRUMP supporters inside the building, who sent them ?

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    bruce bayless

    It is a fantastic coincidence that the BLM representative was at the heart of the mayhem and the soldier’s killing.
    Yea right!!!!

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    CPO Bill

    No surprise there. They needed to make trouble where they could blame the peaceful ones.

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    Are these democrats for real. BLM was at the Capitol. President Trump did not Oder his supporters to go to the Capitol. If Prlosi and democrats want to prosecurmte anyone begin with Maxine Waters who told her people to harass Trump supporters at any cost and anywhere. These people even in Trump’s administration were spit at, shouted at in restaurants also. Congressman Steve SCALISD WAS SHOT BY A Bernie Sanders suppprter and media was mum. Eric SWALWELL was literally in bed with a Chinese spy. Are any of these offenses impeachable. Not according to democrats and bias media. So don’t give me the BS that Trump incited a riot. False information. Go after the real treasonous people

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    Let’s use a bit of deductive reasoning: why was a BLM supporter at an event with Trump supporters?
    If this is true, it smells awful!

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    Mr Ed

    If he was there then he was a trespasser as well.

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    Sullivan was there to cause trouble. Antifa and blm had no reason to be there except to help the democrats insure that Trump would be removed from office. Antifa, blm and the democrats will have to answer to God . The Bible clearly states that we are not to overthrow the government. Something that these three groups have been trying to do since before Trump took office. This was verified by someone who was there. And this sight doesn’t want people to know the truth.

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    Want the truthful News !!

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    BLM instead of Antifa? What’s the difference? Knew that they were the ones who stirred up the Trump crowd to riot.

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    Hockey Fan Mark

    24/7/365 for at least 4 years now of the left liberal hiding; LYING; Hoaxing of Our Duly Elected President Donald John TRUMP and democractic cronies…..Now they will come after us Trump Supporters to ” CLEANSE ” us too…..This MARXIST blm’er just happens to be present filming as Our ” PEACEFUL PROTESTORS ” are let into the Senate Building & Chamber by Uniformed TAPED D.C. Security at various entrance locations ? ! ? !!!! Too FISHY for us…………

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    All Trump rallies have been peaceful. It’s always been BLM & ANTIFA that showed up to hurt Trump supporters who were always rallying peacefully.

    This makes me now 100% sure that our President was set up.

    The Democrats will continue to do anything they can to get rid of our greatest President ever, President Donald Trump !! What a shame

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    How on earth did we come so far where we cannot trust anyone? So much lies and deceit. We Americans are embarrassing ourselves in front of the entire world.

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    Al Howe

    This whole thing was a setup! Trump fell right into their trap by calling for everyone to come. As BLM and ANTIFIA were mobilized (and paid). I would say let DOJ investigate but I think we all know what that outcome will be as the Federal Govt is all in this together. Say goodbye to the middle class. As a 60 year old, I doubt I will ever see a two-party political system again.

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