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    Sounds like the judge didn’t have enough on his plate so now he needed more to make his opinion know about the true facts! If this is the way courts work there is something wrong! He he’s not busy maybe he can pickup on all the jerks that have been doing things that are not right like Bidens Son getting a job from a government that he was not even qualified for and paid an extraordinary amount of money! His father the VP found it necessary to have the person that was questing it to get fired! See there are other places to look at!

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    Mue-liar and his report are a joke!

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    Steve Startz

    Left wing judges spinning their tribes coo to further their lies to cover up their treason is just that!

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    More bad politics we don’t need nor want , please stop it!

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    Investigate Pelosi family fraud, Biden family fraud, Schiff fraud, Schumer fraud!
    Why not find out what democrats are hiding!
    Why democrats keep doing diversions so they aren’t investigated!
    This probably falls on the three monkeys syndrome see, hear, speak no evil!!
    Now get busy !

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    Now when that this report is on a Classified Top Secret with a need to know. How can Barr even release such adocument he does not have that authority in any way, only the classifier or the President has that authority. Now once it is sent electronically that means it is public meat for anyone wanting it, to just hack and publish it.
    So in my opinion this is just another load of escriment published to try to confuse the public about something that was done properly and nothing could be found wrong with the investigation.

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    And said federal judge will be eating crow I assume since redacted or not THERE WAS NO INTERFERENCE from, with of for Trump campaign. So perhaps we should be seeing the actuality of Hillary and her minions level of deception.

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    Just another effort to discredit Barr, why don’t they check into why the Muller investigation came into existence and how it ruined people’s live’s and the tactices that were used by the attorney’s.

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    Kenny walter

    WTH. The entire Mueller Report was one sided to begin with. That and what we know about fisa abuse makes to whole thing a waste of time. The only thing we do know is that Hillary and the DNC paid for lies in order to try to win an election. She should be the one who was looked into. End of story.

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    Why don’t this judge go after the people who tried to unseat the President of the United States. Remember the ones with false FISA 😡😡

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    Rosenstein, Barr, and even Mueller, have all said, Trump committed no wrongdoing, this is just plain stupid.

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    This administration has and will continue to act as mobsters, if we let them. They laud transparency but hides their nefarious undertakings by citing security reasons.

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    Joan Raysik

    I don’t know whether I trust Barr. There is something about him that I don’t really trust

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    So Schiff et al. Has a corrupt federal judge to throw shade on doubters. Try them all for treason.

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    When the judge gets the unredacted version of the mueller report GOD help trump and barr

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    Jay Thomas

    Judge Walton, appointed by President Bush, the Skull & Bones s RINO judge, who’s a traitor to We the People and should be prosecuted to the full extent of what’s left of our Law.

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    Patriots for truth don’t want the truth

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    Again we hear of some report that could be an indictment of someone, but the NEWS we can’t read it and no one can be brought to justice. Why do we pay for “oversight” or form Committees when nothing is ever done? Is it because so many would be convicted jails would overflow with evil, crooked politicians?

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    Tom Oakley

    Maybe we have one with honor,Judge Walton,bring out the truth,bury all the crook’s in the DOJ,make a chump out of the swamp creature Barr.

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    Courtney Thomas

    Barr should be killed by a serial killer or raped a illigal alian because he sucks and smalls so bad no one will ever vote for him and would probably get threaten by runway who will forced his pants down he will be broken he will runway in the the swamp and rapist will be waiting to rape and murder him die bitch die and no one will ever find him or would care about some asshole such a fucking asshole

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