Experts Say Aussie Bush Fires Have Nothing to Do With Climate Change | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Believe it or not there is science out there that will aid in preventing this type of fire.
    But as long as there is this culture out there knows no limits on exploitation then this problem will continue.

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    Just as in California, the ignorant Greenies (including the worst of them all, the governor) ignored science and went with feelings…protecting nature by leaving it alone. Same philosophy and same result, and both are using their mistakes to perpetuate the myth of climate change. Who’d have guessed that the end of the world would be brought about by stupid people trying to avoid the end of the world?

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    There was some reportage that arsonists were a big factor. (???)

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    I think it is disgraceful how political people take this action to benefit on peoples

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    Maybe they should increase tourism or out door camplng. Where they’ll use the brush – wood 4 fires at nite. All throughout Australia 2 reduce the amount of fuel. Don’t they have weekend holidays like us 3 to 4 times a year

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    LuAnn Premock

    I can’t believe that we lost all those animals, homes and people to the negligence of a government position that was put in place to prevent this sort of disaster. I would think they should find a well qualified person to oversee this should there be anything left.

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    Every year, it’s “the end is only 10 years away — PANIC NOW” I’ve been hearing this since the 1970’s. I just wish these ‘frightened’ people would, at least, review some of the negative information which has been made available to the public. “Pay for study” scientists (?) and the MSM are lousy places to go for RATIONAL/TRUE information. We can and should do our best to insure CLEAN air and water. There is NOTHING we can do to influence the SUN and our dependence in IT for our weather.

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    Laura Wagner

    Thank you for debunking the current BS narrative. The same type of thing from the so-called environmentalists is used to hide their own culpability in the California wildfires. When is responsible land and resource management going to get started?

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    Only Mother Nature causes climate change, warmer one place, cooler another. Wetter one place, dryer another. There is only a certain amount of energy on Earth, it just gets rearranged, not created or destroyed.

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    Big Ed

    It sounds a lot like the authorities in Australia are of the same ilk as our California knuckleheads. They ignore the buildup of fuel for fires, in deference to the environmentalists, and do absolutely nothing to manage that tinderbox until the fires come. Only an idiot would do such a thing and then when fires are started, intentionally or accidentally, to blame it on man made global warming. Yet, that is incredibly the way it is done in both Australia and California. Incompetent boobs like these authorities should never be allowed within a thousand miles of the levers of power, but then, as the saying goes, “you get the government you deserve, because you elect them”.

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    ian fleck

    the aborigines have told the govt how and when to backburn but they have been ignored by this crap government who don`t know anything

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    don’t forget to add that radical muhammadan teens were caught setting some of those fires.

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