Ex-Marine Running for Congress Calls Kaepernick a ‘Disgrace’ | Patriots 4 Truth

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    he should not be allowed to play for any football team he,sproven heis not for america he should moce out of the country.

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    Cindy Stratton

    THANK YOU for your dedication & your service to the country you love. Wishing you much success in your run for a Congressional seat & for supporting our President through his next 4 year term! Cindy

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    I imagine that Krappernick coward is krapping his drawers right about now. A marine war veteran who also played pro ball is calling his sorry, coward arse out. I hope California does the right thing and votes for Jeremy Staat. Shore up our conservative congress even more please!

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    This is to Bill Sheridan

    There is no such thing as an ( EX ) Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless he/she was discharged Dishonorably.

    Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Maine.

    When you started off this article with ex-Maine I was instantly angered enough to post this without reading your article.

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    Never an ex- marine. It’s respectfully referred to as former marine. We need all the patriots as are willing to serve in Congress.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Apparently mindless Kaepernick does not know the difference between himself who is a Mulatto and the first people go migrate to this continent.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Running for office in CaliCommieMeccaJerusalemMexifornia where the vast majority of the people adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism is based is a waste move to a part of the nation where the vast majority of the people adhere to and embrace the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based such as northeastern Wisconsin he could join the ranks of true patriots such as Michael Gallagher of the 8th Congressional district of Wisconsin who is also a Marine.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Few comments to the details outlined within the article and at least 1 of the people who expressed their opinions to the details defined within the article is not using a Grammar check software program from their DT, LT, or their Spell Check or Predictive Text is not working.

    Forgive me for coming off as a Grammar Hobgoblin but those who truly are mindless do not care about the intended sentiments of others but only the grammar, proof of that fact will become apparent if you have ever posted to any nonsense posted on the Huffington Post.

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    Socrates Kondilis

    i did not joint this page, and i don’t want see all the BS that this page is ,,So please remove me from your mailing list

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    We need more running like this young man … he’s smart❤️! kaepernick needs a good smack down , even bigger then never playing football again! I think it would do him good to go on a long vacation to a truly oppressed country ! We don’t need him or these democrats that are trying to destroy our great country! Hello Mr.Staat.❤️… good bye kaepernick 👋I just wish you’d take the others with you pelosi,schiff,nader,schummer etc!

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    KaperDick is more than a disgrace. He is a pathetic excuse for a human. Needs to be put in front of a firing squad ASAP !

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    Robin Hutchason

    Thank you for your service defending innocent women and children from terrorists much like Kaepernick who trashes the country that has made him a millionaire. Terrorists are evil people that want to exterminate anyone that is not muslim and the democrats are inviting them into our back yard. Obama, in my opinion started this while he was president and he is still involved with Pelosi and Schumer. I wish I could support every republic candidate across the country, but alas, I am on social security and as every social security recipient knows is below the poverty level. Good luck Bill Sheridan.

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    Douglas Urschel

    “Ex Marine?” There is no such thing. I Commanded units in 5 nations on 3 continents – multiple times. There’s only “Former Marines” and Marines.
    It’s a mindset. It has to do with pride.

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    Bruce Walters

    Staat is correct Kaepernick is a disgrace to this country, and should not be celebrated, but loathed for the scum he is

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    Statt has my support. Hope he doesn’t become tainted by others in Congress and continues to abide by the ideals of the USMC.

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    Go get em
    We’re behind you

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    Jeremy Staat is a national disgrace!

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    Kaepernick should be declared a “non-person” and forgotten. He should be forced to be a dish washer at some restaurant and there he could think about all that he was given and how he threw it all away by biting the hand that fed him

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