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    This was murder and in these troubled times to make shure that this doesn’t become common place the murderer should be taken out and executed immediately.

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    Most likely…nothing will be done. The poor lady probably lived her life always trying to do the right thing, and gets pushed to the ground by a repeat thug, with no moral compass what so ever. Shameful.

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    The person who hit her should be charged with murder. In NY she will probably be released so she can kill another elderly person. The Governor wants to be president. He cant take care of NY. What a mess because he allowed foreign people into NY after they had been banned by Federal government.
    Trump has to fight for every thing that he needs to stop the virus.
    Nancy Pelosi holding up the virus bill for her pet projects while people are getting sick and businesses closing down.
    CA has to go Red because it’s a mess from to many years of neglect from Democrats. Especially Obama and Clinton’s. Pelosi didn’t complain about Obama’s open borders and non-vetted refugees picked by UN.
    Time to kick UN and Muslim Brotherhood out of our country .
    Trump 2020

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    Why are you not publishing my post?

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    George Crumb

    Seems like the hospital could also be held liable.

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    Lorraine Kemer

    May her soul rest in peace. The woman who pushed her needs to be brought up on charges, of which the least should be aggravated assault. If the woman had mental issues, she should have been separated from others or strapped down on the bed she occupied, for you never know when she would snap.

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    Did the one doing the shoving have a D in front of her name? just asking.

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    By the way, are people staying six feet apart in elevators?

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    Patricia Brown

    This is so sad . I hope they find the person that shoved Marshall .

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    Courtney Thomas

    This virus is getting out of hand social life needs to on I know people are getting depressed and jobs are getting shut down how are bills going to get payed? The damnocrates want to want the government to take care of everyone so they can win the Ecomony and destroyed America well social distancing is important but life has to go on I know president trump will do everything in his power to get everything back to normal

    Let this this nice lady rest in peace and remembered

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