Did the Dems Just Confirm the Name of the Whistleblower?

The name Eric Ciaramella has been bandied about as the likely whistleblower that kicked off the impeachment campaign against President Trump. Intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff and the House democrats leading the impeachment inquiry have neither confirmed nor denied that Ciaramella is the whistleblower. They have instead insisted on “his or her” protection, whoever “he or she,” may be.

But did they just screw up and reveal that the man they have been trying to protect – Eric Ciaramella – is indeed the whistleblower?

“Shifty” Schiff and his fellow Democrats have lambasted the president and GOP lawmakers for demanding the release of the alleged whistleblower’s name. They claimed Republican efforts to out the informant violated federal law and could jeopardize the person’s safety. “The president’s allies would like nothing better than to help the president out this whistleblower,” stated House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff. “Our committee will not be a part of that — we will not stand for that.”

However, it appears Schiff may have accidentally leaked the alleged whistleblower’s name in the transcript of a witness testimony. On page 236 of the just released transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony, the name “Eric Ciaramella” is included in a question the top Ukraine diplomat was asked during his closed-door session. Taylor was asked if the name rang a bell. He denied familiarity with the name as well as any communications with Ciaramella.

RealClear Investigations recently suggested that the alleged whistleblower could be Ciaramella. He is a registered Democrat who previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan. His name has been tossed around on social media platforms for weeks and is known by many on Capitol Hill.

Now, the very fact that Schiff did not redact the name in the transcript after saying that he would, should the whistleblower’s identity be revealed in any testimony, could simply mean that Ciaramella is not the whistleblower.  Or, it could mean that someone on Schiff’s staff screwed up royally, and accidentally released the name that they were trying so hard to keep secret.

President Trump has been pushing for the name of the whistleblower to be made public. “The whistleblower should be revealed because the whistleblower gave false stories,” stated the president. “Some people would call it a fraud.”

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16 Thoughts to “Did the Dems Just Confirm the Name of the Whistleblower?”

  1. Cliff

    The “whistleblower” IS NOT a “whistleblower”…. He is just a TRAITOROUS, TREASONOUS SPY that LIED about his second-hand, third-hand fourth hand, water cooler gossip and rumors as “information” to “daddy” shifty-shtt-face, and should be arrested and tried for TREASON (along with MANY other TREASONOUS TRAITORS that are hiding behind those closed doors, as well as others LIKE FRAUD OBUNGHOLE, clapper, brennan, comey, (to name a few) that are still free to keep spreading LIES. (all because their crooked “queen” HITLERY (obunghole2.0) didn’t gain the “throne” she wanted so she could continue the destruction of our Constitutional republic and continue FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S “legacy”.)

  2. Why isn’t that pile of dog SCHIFF led away in HANDCUFFS for PERJURY, SEDITION and TREASON with PELOSI , NADLER and others that are guilty?!? They need a PRISON cell, NOT the HALLS of Congress. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. Paul

    I thought this guy was supposed to be fired.

  4. Lee W. Cox

    Another Lying Liberal,trying to Ruin The President

  5. Eric the democrat scumbag!!!!!!!!!

  6. How can you have a witness to a Murder and that the Murder has not been Comitteed Yet What are they Doing period??

  7. Julie affonso

    I am reminded of the scriptures in Esther. when she approached the king concerning a false accusation concerning Mordaciid,,,, I believe the King of Kings knows the truth from a liar and I believe the King of Kings will do to the false accuser, Schiff and his room mate Pelosi what they wanted to do to our duly elected President Trump and they will be removed from office by 2020. God cannot be mocked and thee are serious times and they dare not touch this President that we the people have voted to represent us. Shifty Schuft and polluted Pelosi are evil in what they are attempting… it has no place in this country, We the people are in charge not the congress,

  8. nanaboba@aol.com

    It’s Melania. It’s been Melania all along!!! Hahaha!!!

  9. Dan

    C ompared to other countries, I’m appalled at how slow our judicial system works. C’mon government get to work!! You have LOTS of ground to cover with traitors to America.

  10. Chuck

    Eric was featured in the defrocked 1st Queer’s commercial as Pajama Man-Boy sitting on the couch in his mommas & poppas house….!

  11. John Strom

    Eric Ciaramella IS NOT a “Whistleblower” but a John Brennan groomed spy. His information is second hand and he was FIRED previously for spying. Ciaramella worked for Susan Rice and also for Joe Biden. He was outed by stupid, lying Adam Schiff who forgot to redact his name. The guy is a very partisan Democrat without a lick of integrity. He should be arrested and tried for sedition and treason.

  12. Phil

    Who is the whistleblower? You had long enough to find out.

  13. Jorge Pelegrin

    THE SENATE SHOULD SUBPOENA Citizen Eric Ciaramella under oath, and ask him if he is the whistleblower. Plain and simple. If the guy lies, he goes to jail. VERY SIMPLE!

  14. How much tax payer money has been spent on “THE whistle blower???” we work hard to earn this money – does government reps in Congress know this…??? big question !! This is all such bad stuff for this good country… If this is the name of the man and Schiff (D) – who is in Congress because democrats voted for him – throw both of them to the lions…Yes, VERY SIMPLE !

  15. Every American is afforded the right to confront his accusers.

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