Did Republicans Spread Covid-19 Around Congress?

Pramila Jayapal In Capitol

One of the subtext narratives being circulated by the leftwing is that a number of Democrat members of Congress are claiming to have caught Covid-19 from Republican members who were not wearing masks as they sat around a safe room during the height of the Capitol Hill riot.  But did they?

First, there has been no direct evidence as to where the members may have caught the virus.  It is only speculation – and may be politically motivated.  The story is making the rounds on the elitist east coast media as if it is factually true.

What casts a shadow of suspicion over the accuracy of the claim is that none of the accused Republican legislators has proven positive.  If one or two were to test positive in the next few days, the timing would suggest that those Republicans likely caught it from the Democrats in the room – despite the masks.  After all, we have been told that masks are significantly less effective in preventing a healthy person from getting the disease than they are for already infected persons spreading the disease.

Another fact that questions the claim relates to Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.  In earlier videos, she was seen in the House chamber and in the gallery without a mask – and among other maskless Democrat colleagues – before taken to the safe room (pictured above).  Hmmmm.  Maybe she was the source of the Covid-19 in the room.  I really do not know – but that is as possible as the current politically-oriented Democrat narrative.

Then there is the video of Delaware Democrat Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester offering masks to Republican legislatures.  It looks like a set up to me.  I am not surprised that those not wearing masks would decline her gift.  She would likely have known that before she started handing them out. What bothered me, someone made a video of her giving out the masks.

That does not seem like the kind of action that would naturally have someone suddenly record the one-minute video.  Even if someone wanted to record the one- or two-minute action, it would have been over by the time the person started shooting.  In other words, I think Rochester and the videography may have been producing the event for later release as a bit of political propaganda.  I cannot prove that, but I am highly suspicious.

You can see how the video was used to perpetuate the dubious narrative.  Even President-elect Joe Biden said he was disgusted when viewing the video.  In the trade, we call that pumping up a story.

Rochester said that one Democrat member — whose mask was around his neck — accepted the additional mask.  She explained his lack of face-covering was because he was talking on his cell phone.  Really?  You cannot talk on the phone with a mask on?

Congressional physician Dr. Brian Monahan waded in with an email that said: “The time in this room was several hours for some and briefer for others. During this time, individuals may have been exposed to another occupant with coronavirus infection.”  If that is true – and based on the various test results – the culprits are more likely to have been the Democrat members.

The sadness of this event is the media once again passing off an anti-Republican narrative as fact without any fair analysis of actual facts.

This may be considered a small event, but it did get a lot of coverage – including harsh criticism of the Republicans, as usual.  It is, however, illustrative how the left and the media work together to create, package and magnify mendacious political narratives to malign the GOP.

So, there ‘tis.

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7 Thoughts to “Did Republicans Spread Covid-19 Around Congress?”

  1. Susan

    Well maybe they got it from the democrat congressman on January 3 that tested positive for Covid on December 28 but was allowed to be at the swearing in for congress. Perfect timing for the incubation.

  2. B J Andrade

    So the Democratic Rep. with Covid, who came to vote, for Nancy for Speaker of the House couldn’t have spread the virus? It could have come from anyone, anytime. PLEASE stop the blame game and take care of ALL the people of the United States.


    The Democrats can kiss our a$$! WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT CHOOSE THEM!!!

  4. Rog

    It appears that COVID-19 makes you ugly, based on this photo.

  5. Cliff

    Didn’t PIGLOSI order a “control-us-virus” POSITIVE QUARANTINED democrat (and possibly more) into DC so she could get voted back in a “speaker”?
    That was on the news and internet.

  6. JL

    It’s a good article but I must say the story goes that the Republicans mocked those trying to hand out masks. Politeness would gave gone a long way. Take it and say thank you, you don’t have to put it on. We are all adults and should behave as such. Manners and politeness can do a lot to reduce tensions.

  7. David

    Give me a freaking break. You are looking for any reason to get your picture in the paper. Now that you got your minute of fame you can go hoe now

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