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    David J

    As a registered Democrat this outrage will make me register as Independent. Trump won the election despite RAMPANT voter Fraud in the big cities! i am switching parties. Obviously the Democratic Party is more about absolute control not democracy at all! Hillary Clinton is a crook!

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    Beverly Hall

    I have had a lot of respect for Prof. Dershowitz in the past, but his recent actions and statements wonder if he is in the first stages of senility. How he can say the things he is saying just makes no sense and seems so out of touch with the man I had listened to and trusted in the past. So sorry he has taken this turn away from reality.

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    Jerry Horrigan

    This is a made up unconstitutional witch hunt made up by the dems to try and destroy a duly elected president !!! The end result should be the impeachment of Pelosi and Shiff !!! But the president will be re-elected and republicans will win control of both houses!!! The American people are sickened by this baseless witch hunt !!

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    James Fielding



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    Barry Laird

    The crime is High Treason and Adam Schiff and a host of Dems are guilty and should be prosecuted. Couldn’t build a scaffold large enough for all the hangings!

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    Gregory Powers

    Trump has a history of demeaning people as a form of intimidation. He wants absolute control. David J throws in Hillary and voter fraud which is not the issue being discussed at the inquiry. Trump now has 5 associates in prison and 1 more going over his campaign.

  7. 7


    Perhaps there is,a THINK TANK SAYING



    You will stop 5% of the Republicans to not vote for Trump. Plus 5% Of the Blacks. That means a Nittwit Democrate will be President,and We will destroy America. Just as Obama’s Plan

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    Joe Farland

    Anyone with common sense understands this , but the problem is that most of the mainstream media is in lock step with the Democrats and acts as the propaganda department for the Democratic Party! And there brain washing people that don’t know any better! It’s dangerous, should be considered sedition and against the law!

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    I think we are fortunate to have president Donald trump ….he is able to do what others always say and never do…he is our countries last hope for a better America and world…God bless trump and pence ….

  10. 10


    There ARE crimes that were committed . . . by the DEMOCRATS! – punishable by prison time. TREASON and SEDITION committed against the POTUS should be punished by having these individuals HANDCUFFED and awaiting SENTENCING, serving time at LEAVENWORTH (military prison), Also, their “golden parachute” retirements should be REVOKED. There is NO excuse holding COMMUNIST style impeachment hearings, which is against the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  11. 11

    So, Demotards, why aren’t you listening to Prof Dershowitz now? Hypocrite much?

  12. 12


    One has to be able to identify the truth . . . .This lady just didnt get instructed by the Dem Impeachment team on what she was to label truth !

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Derschowitz you have a propensity for stating the obvious of course the Communist party materializes crimes committed by Trump out of thin air they have been doing so before he even took office.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Derschowitz has a propensity for stating the obvious, the Communist party has been materializing crimes allegedly committed by Trump even before he took office.

  15. 15


    The “Crime” can be laid at the feet of the Democratic members of Congress. Therefore THEY should be impeached for “Collusion”, “Lying under Oath” , “Attempting to overthrow the Government of the United States”, “Misuse of TAXPAYERS MONIES” , “Malfeascense”, and any other crime yet to be named. I suggest further, one could include “Murder”. Why? Judge A.Scalia. He died suddenly , and then his BODY WAS CREMATED without an AUTOSY, which is Texas Law. The “person” who got the cremation to happen , was never arrested or charged with a crime. Can one think of a coverup for murder????

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    President Trump has been hard at work helping our country ever since he was elected by a landslide even the democrats committed treason and cheated in the election. And with the dems opposing everything Trump does every step of the way, Trump has succeeded in improving the economy, better trade deals, (no kickbacks like the dems) bringing back corporations with jobs for everyone, eliminating unnecessary regulations, preventing wars, and ending wars.
    You have to conclude that the democrats want to get rid of Trump because their agenda is against the citizens of the United States. The democrats do not represent the people, they represent the corporations that want to have a world dictatorship.

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    glen walters

    Dershowitz has been a long time friend of Trumps and won’t say anything bad about him legally . Maybe he should look at bribery, obstruction of justice and witness tampering to name a few.

  18. 18


    It’s about time he realized it.

  19. 19


    Scotch Sloshed Nancy…. Bug Eyed Tape Worm Schiff…. Malignant Midget Jerry Naddz…. Sausage Swallower Swawell… ….! Donkey Toothed AOC….! Will be remembered for destroying the democrat party….!

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    David J is right on. Many Democrats will not vote for the Democrats in 2020. Democrats, Independents and Republicans (which includes Asian Americans, Black Americans and Hispanic Americans will re-elect President Trump and vote in Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. In fact, 2020 will be the death of the Democratic Party and 2024, 2028 and beyond will be Republican years. And David J is right on about Hillary – she can dream of a re-match and if the delegates are dumb enough to nominate her she will face another defeat. No one wants Hillary despite what she claims!

  21. 21


    I was a registered democrat for fifty years, changed to independent of course. Now the democrats scare my pants off. Besides, I think Trump is a good president.

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    Carson Tyler

    More fake news. By voters count Trump did not win the election. The many fake stories about the Clintons he should have won by a landslide. Trump is not a good person and for the country he should step down like Nixon and let Pence be our President. I, and many of my Friends would again vote Republican if Pence was running for our democracy. Trump is not capable to run this country. He hasn’t his Daughter aside to watch over him as she did for the Trump Corporation.

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    As a Conservative, I am so appalled at to what extent the Democrats are doing to create a crime in order to bring down the POTUS. They are now just making up data. This impeachment inquiry controlled by Adam Schiff is a clear picture of control by him and is not according to protocol and fairness to the Republicans on the committee. As I see this, we have a lot of corruption in our government and it took Donald Trump to open up this can of worms. Oh yes! A lot of corruption! Had Clinton been elected, we would have never been privy to all of this! Disgusting!

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    Mike Mac

    He has been his own worst enemy from the start. He’s a narcissistic liar. He needs to keep his mouth shut but his characteristic attitude can’t do that.
    What an idiot..

    He he… Ha ha…

  25. 25


    My family has been lifelong Democrats, I
    Was once a Democrat, no more,these polictical
    Circus antics are an embarrassment to all Democrats, the lmpeachment is a bunch of non proveable lies and jibberish and will go nowhere!! It will end soon die,and will help Republicans win again !

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    paul edwards

    I have listened with an open and objective mind as I have tried to make reasonable decisions. I have decided that I will NEVER support another Democrat for as long as I
    am still here. They have viciously violated the principles of decency and honesty to such a degree that they have no credibility. How anyone could support them is a mystery.

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    I can’t believe Derschowitz is this dumb! Of course he can’t find any crimes in the federal statutes because impeachment is not a legal process. Never has been! Impeachment is a partisan and political process where the House says what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Even I know that, and I’m not even a dumb civil-liberties lawyer. Because impeachment is a political process, “high crimes and misdemeanors” means whatever the House says it is! There is no due process, defendant’s rights in a House impeachment inquiry because this is the “grand jury” stage of the investigation, where the defendant has no rights. Only in a trial in the Senate does the defendant get rights! Sheesh. What dummies!

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