Democrats Calling For Senate To Be Fair And Vote Their Consciences

House Democrats are about to impeach President Trump in the most partisan and shallow impeachment in American history.  However, they are already calling on their counterparts in the Senate to be fair and vote their consciences – arrogantly assuming that a conscientious vote would be for impeachment.

The hypocritical narrative being played out all over the anti-Trump media is that the likelihood that the Senate will acquit Trump largely along partisan lines is some sort of travesty.  It has been assumed for three years – and accepted as fact for several months – that the House Democrats would impeach Trump.

From the start of the unprecedented “impeachment hearings” led by California Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, it was a foregone conclusion that the Democrat majority on the Judiciary Committee – which has the Constitutional responsibility to conduct actual impeachment hearings –would simply vote Articles of Impeachment and send their recommendation to the floor of the House where Democrats would complete their pre-ordained plan.

Democrats Jerry-rigged the process from beginning to end – even before newly elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib announced that her primary mission in serving in the peoples’ House was to “impeach the mother (expletive deleted).” It was from beginning to end, an impeachment looking for a reason – even a bogus reason.  As the Washington Post so aptly stated in a 2017 Inauguration Day headline, “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump has Begun.”

Now that they have accomplished their skullduggery, those very same House Democrats – and their echoing friends in the news media – are begging for what they describe as a nonpartisan action in the Senate.  They are trying to shame – and even threaten – Senate Republicans to put country ahead of party – intimating that that can only be done by impeaching Trump.

Democrats point to an oath the senators will take in advance of the trial – a pledge that they will be open and fair-minded.  They fear that the Republicans will vote along party lines.  Hmmmm.   What about the Senate Democrats?  If that oath has any meaning in such a political situation – and it does not – at least it should apply to the Democrats, too.

The hypocrisy is so obvious that it is bewildering that Democrats would even advance such arguments since they only remind folks of the brutally partisan and baseless action they took in the House.

It is the Senate Democrats who should examine their consciences and the Constitution.  They should reject the political motivations of the House Democrats and reject the flawed and tainted Articles of Impeachment passed on to them.

If this was a judicial process instead of a partisan political fiasco, the case would have been thrown out of court on the first Motion to Dismiss — and those prosecuting this case would be accused of prosecutorial misconduct.

The Senate will most certainly acquit the President – apparently rather expeditiously.  It will be the equivalent of responding to a Motion to Dismiss.  While I would like too see folks like the whistleblower and Hunter Biden brought to the stand, the case of the prosecution is so flawed that quick dispatching may be the most merciful and appropriate action.

So, there ‘tis.

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53 Thoughts to “Democrats Calling For Senate To Be Fair And Vote Their Consciences”

  1. Janet Julien


  2. Yah, just like Nadler and the Schiff organization.

  3. vince

    Here’s ‘a NEWS-FLASH’ for you there Sparky.
    The President has been ‘IMPEACHED by the DEMS’.
    Maybe if you check ‘the AECHIEVES’……


    What a joke coming from a unfair party!!

  5. Why should the senate be fair the house wasn’t at all in fact they had no evidence at all in fact the real crime is pelosi she should be removed in fact there is a sign up sheat going around for her impeachment everybody needs to sign it!!!

  6. Where in all this were the Democrats fair and impartial? No where they made impeachment rules to fit what they wanted and they lied about things would allow due process and wouldn’t allow Republican witnesses. So they expect fair now that’s it’s changed hands What a crock they are it’s time to clean the House of all these fools. Evidence is mounting and it needs to come out now. Get it over with. Impeach Schiff for lying about everything and Nadler for not even following impeachment rules. It’s time to stop these nuts it’s disgusting how they are it’s not about right and wrong or the constitution it’s about little brat kids that throw a tantrum every step of the way when they don’t get there way. Now they are threatening yes threatening Republicans if they don’t get there impeachment they are going to continue to lie and waste tax payers dollars and impeach again. They don’t even have a crime they are going to try to make another one up. What sick puppies they are. That’s treason on an American President they just said it. Funny there isn’t even a whistleblower it’s the darn truth. They care about the constitution but they let Biden do quid, pro, quo no more of this. The laws need to be changed. They should never be allowed to do this. Democrats are conducting a slinky political scam and I know for a fact that impeachment was not put in it for the Democrats to treat like its an every day thing. Grow up Democrats act like intelligent adults or are you so dumb you think people are going to buy this bs


    To end the chaos created by Democrats anti -Trump destroying and ruining President Trump, who loves American people and works day and night for the American interests, the majority of the HOUSE must be back in the hand of patriot Republicans.

  8. Gary

    I find it a bit hypocritical that Democrats lied to their constituents in the 2018 elections in order to get elected and then go after this president. But, even before the 2018 elections, dems were already pushing for impeachment. Why we even heard Pelosi make the comments not long ago that the dems have been working to impeach him for over two and one half years now. That should have exposed their lie as well as their agenda to everyone. I realize that there are boobs on the left who will hate this president no matter what he does. They will hate the next Republican president as well. But, to elect someone just for the sake of trying to get rid of a president is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship regime and if we as Americans want to continue to live as we do now, this has to be stopped. Otherwise, we will wind up under the rule of these crazies and the only solution will be a revolution.

  9. If the SENATE votes with their CONSCIENCE, then there SHOULD be a L O T of Democrats in prison AWAITING trial for SEDITION and TREASON, CRIMES against the U.S, Citizen and the POTUS, hauled away in HANDCUFF to a PRISON cell. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  10. Lisa

    Be fair? Are they kidding me? I think Pelosi and Shiff and Nader should all be tried for hate crimes against the president. She’s been quoted saying it when he got elected that they were goi g to impeach him. The senate needs to bring out all their dirt and lies. Expose Biden who has the audacity to run for President even amiss of all the evidence against him and his son. Hillary too. These are their candidates. Putting more corrupt democrats in there.The senate needs to follow the constitution and give due process which our forefathers wanted. The American people will be pissed if he’s impeached on hearsay. The whistle blower will be expose as Schiff’s lackey. Bring out Schiff’s, Pelosi , Nader and all others. Biden, Hunter, the Clintons, and Barack phone messages. This is where your true crime is. Don’t take the high road. An eye for an eye like the Bible says. Every single on does something for theirselves using our money. Don’t fool yourselves. Show you have some balls and bring out the real dirt. Let it backfire on them and e pose all the skeletons in their closet. Make them step down when proven guilty of their lies

  11. Lisa

    The constitution is guidelines for the rights and laws. It’s not about consciousness but facts like any court. They’re really grasping for straws here.

  12. Dems do not know the meaning of FAIR.

  13. Bob

    Please remove me from your sadistic propaganda. The GOP is the most dangerous traitorous group in the world. Fuck you

  14. art

    I will never vote for a Demo-rat again….. for as long as I live.

  15. Quiltermac

    Finally we have a President For The People and it’s time we keep him not only now, but for 4 more years. Stand up people we don’t need these closed door politicians running things That’s why they hate this great man. He is a people’s president

  16. Dee

    Dems Do Not support Our Constitution ! Many of them probably can’t even read . They are pathetic and 2020 can’t come soon enough to get these Treasonous thugs Out of Office !! KAG 2020

  17. Statesman Patriot

    Thus the civil war democrats so desperately want is beginning.
    Be alert and prepared my fellow patriots. And let us make their war a very short and effective one!

  18. Cliff

    The DEMOCOMMUNISTS “idea” of fair is hiding behind closed doors, LYING, deception. and doing everything “their way” or NO way. Tell them to go “pound salt” If there IS a “trial” it will be conducted in “sunlight”, where WE the people can witness it. I believe the only “evidence ” that will be exposed, is the corrupt dealings of the democommunists, to overthrow a duly-elected POTUS and EVERYONE that is responsible for this COUP should be arrested, and jailed to await THEIR trial for sedition and TREASON.
    This has been a taxpayer-money, time wasting HOAX from from the get-go.
    The time to end this mess and drain the swamp for good is LONG overdue.


    Hey, Vince, you dummy, Larry wrote this column on 17 Dec before the actual impeachment vote took place. BTW, what the heck is “the AECHIEVES”? You meant “Archives”, stupid demotard! Everyone knows this process was a partisan waste of time.

  20. Judy

    Go Tulsi! Leave the Dems behind!

  21. WHAT? . . . What did the DEMOCRATS say?!? You’ve GOT to be KIDDING! They are the MOST dishonest, unfair LYING Reprobate TREASONISTIC TRAITORS this side of the STALINIST USSR. As far as I am concerned, POTUS Trump is INNOCENT of ALL charges and NOW the Democrats responsible for this SHAM impeachment need to be INVESTIGATED for TREASON and SEDITION, CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People as per the U.S. Constitution, NO exceptions. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. John Wilkerson

    Schiff and Pelosi should be removed from Congress. The Rep will vote correctly and Trump will be acquitted as he should.

  23. Gary

    What? Are you kidding me? I watched the impeachment hearings in the Intelligence Committee as well as the Judiciary Committee in the House. I saw nothing fair. I know that the left will disagree but if you were just an observer, you would realize that it was not fair at all. And now that they have accomplished their mission – to impeach the president – they want the Senate to do the very same thing? The dems are laughable. The dems are delusional. The dems are full of hate and anger and should be voted out of office so we can get back to making this nation greater. Trump 2020.


  25. democrats don’t have a conscience, they enslave america with taxes and for decades done nothing for america. Now they are telling us how they will be hero’s and save us. Money laundering and a power struggle is not help. Career politicians dog and pony show. Decades of it . Lies and deceit, they give us nothing and fill their pockets. crones, nepotism, Nafta the clinton way of shaking down countries for money. Drugs, hungry children, homeless, healthcare, poverty all over this country. It is not trumps fault it is decades of phony corrupt lazy politicians. 3 years of trump and they want to blame decades on him. Trump is the biggest scapegoat pelosi put it on him.

  26. David Hamilton

    I watched the Communist Democrats Congress NAZIS wouldn’t allow the Republican Congress any of there witnesses in only what the Communist Democrats wanted and a lot of times wouldn’t allow our Republican Congress to let there witness answer any of there Questions so that is “Communist Control” and now Knuckle Head Schumer WANT THE SENATE TO BE FAIR We will be FAIR OUR PRESIDENT Trump DID NOTHING WRONG IT WAS ALL HEAR SAY by there Witnesses. SO WE SAY NO IMPEACHMENT enough is enough GO CRY IN THE CORNER SCHUMER and PELOSI and the rest of your Communist Friends.

  27. Yo! Vinnie, the President has yet to be impeached. In order to be impeached the articles must be presented to the Senate. Nervous Nancy has yet to do that! Larry is right on target! And Right on Darrell, why should the Senate be fair when the House held secret meetings, would not call Republican’s witnesses, and most egregious, they rushed it through the House before primary election filing deadlines for members of their own party to hold as leverage against them if they didn’t vote for impeachment.

  28. Like the democrats were fair and unbiased, they allowed the assembly republicans to call their own witnesses to answer charges made be the democrats since 2016. Like the democrats conducted a fair and unbiased inquisition. The democrat “inquisition” was anything but fair, to be truthful if they did there would have been no impeachment with hearsay lies and phony charges. In a real court these charges would have been thrown out. The democrats can just go to hell.
    With just a little luck the majority of the house will not be returning.

  29. William Pitsker

    Treasonous misapplication of authority – should propel majority of this “left-footed” beast of burdensome misrepresentation to prison.
    AND, the so-called “impeachment” isn’t complete until its entirety is delivered to the Senate (take that, Nancy)!
    I’d like to see the whole sham abandoned, and a criminal investigation into its genesis – starting with Nancy and the Schiffless one.

  30. Buddy

    How about voting common sense? House Dems are committing treason to cover up treason the previously Committed. Everyone that isn’t a Commie knows this.

  31. Robert Coker

    Dems. are pure Trash.

  32. Hillary and the Dem gang created the Russian Trump . Then the Obumo FBI were able to rig the Fisa Ct to illegally charge and then on to the Mueller Fairy Tale. Then the Ukraine fable. Next is the Whistleblower fiction. First they had to have a plant of an Inspector who changed what a whistleblower really is. Watched the disaster the Dems created with their “impeachment”…Now after hundreds of millions… a Billion?? the Dems say Never Mind. We just wanted to change the dialogue… The Only Dialogue the Dems know and use are Lie, deceit, corruption. Maybe that is why they all seem to be communists.. marxist.

  33. He should be charged with stupidity this impeachment is ridiculous I can’t lie but he’s gotta be the dumbest president in the history of the United Srates

  34. vicky

    senate need to chance the rules like the dem did. they where not fair in anything they have done. in fact they did not go by law at all. kick them all to the curb. Ca. lawyers have rules and laws that they only have to go by. No wonder Kalama had no change in winning. Their all layers need to be put in prison. I guess they don’t like Trump kicking their honey pots out the door or they are afraid the American people are going to learn how many of them had their hands in that honey pot.

  35. Rosy

    Biggest bunch of do as I say not as I do

  36. Bill

    Ofcourse ! Do it in the Senate just like the house did. . . . .and how was that ? members were forced kicking and screaming in many cases to act and vote just as Nancy and Schi–t said to do! Mitch McConnell has every right now to require a full clean vote against impeachment, in fact in keeping with the “fair play” act in House, Mitch should vote for all the members himself !!!

  37. Senators, Please give as fair a trial as the Democrats gave to Trump in the House. Vote against IMPEACHMENT and vote in favor of Donald Trump!

  38. Kat

    The dems pushed this sham through to try and remove Trump and now once. They were dead wrong. Trump supporters will start a civil war if the senate is bought by sorous and clinton. Funny is power hungry pelosi will never give her presidency to clinton. Then in 2020 it will take about o n.v e week to impeach and remove Pelosi an DC whomever.

  39. ANI4ANI

    Fair would B using the same format the House used. Then the SOCOMS cannot claim foul without calling themselves a fraud.

  40. Excellent article, and unfortunately for our country and constitution so true…

    The people of this country need to take the country back, and if they really knew what was going on in Washington would implode the whole thing! Thanks


    As I REMEMBER the House Republicans pleaded with the House Democrats to be Fair but that didn’t play well with those same Democrats Calling For Senate To Be Fair And Vote Their Consciences. After watching much of the Democratic led House impeachment hearings , I viewed the Democratic leadership intentionally destroy and Trample on each and every call of fairness from the House Republicans.


    You SOW what YOU REAP ! You WANT Respect, you Must Give Respect !!! DEMOCRATS FAIDED to Respect the Requests of House Republicans !!!

  42. So the demonrats voted along party lines to impeach the president, but now they preach voting your conscience to the republicans!!! Give me a break, what horse crap!!!

  43. JT

    Why do a lot of people keep coming after the Dems .. If their Impeaching this Ass*hole for wrong doing then so the fk be it .. Why are a lot of Americans maaad .. Get the fk over it ..!!! The Dems should be concerned about Our Country to Protect the American People ..!!! ➡️ If they don’t look out for Americans then who will..!!! I don’t give a dam how many good things Trump has done .. He’s being Impeached because of Reason and Proof that was found on him .. Everything Is Not Always About The Republicans.. No One Likes Trump to much anyways when He Was on National TV .. on his show called .. The Apprentice .. He was an Ass*Hole then and he still the fk is.. !!! “Now We All Get To Tell Orange Hair ..”YOUR*FIRED” .. MFKR..!!! ➡️ Republicans try to hold on to this fkn Nazi .. That’s trying to take away things From the poor .. Their way of living ..Especiallly the Poor and Disabled .. He Needs To Just Think For A Second .. That One Day His Ass Will Be Old And Disabled Himself .. And will need help as well .. And His Ass better hope that he gets treated with the Utmost respect ..From the way he’s treated so many ..!!! WE WANT THIS TO BE OVER AND DONE .. ON TO THE NEXT ONE .. PRESIDENT THAT ISSSSS … Foh..!!! Deuces✌🏾“YA WONT BE MISSED” ..!!! He Abused his Power .. And there was Obstruction of Justice .. Even tho there’s two( 2) Things on him instead of one .. It is Still grounds for getting him out .. Are some Americans stupid .. duhhhh .. He shouldn’t be Guilty for Any Wrong Doing But he was .. So what do some of these Americans wanna see .. Them give DT a pat on the bk and say .. That it’s a lie and Everything’s Ok .. DT and still stay in Office .. Then these Americans that still stick by this nut.job .. have issues as well .. And .. IF THIS IS THE CASE .. THEN FOLLOW YOUR LEADER .. Because The Dems Dam Sure Ain’t ..!!! No Justice .. No Peace ..!!! Get him Out Of Here .. We’ve All Had Enough Of His Arrogan*Ass ..!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  44. Sandy

    The dem’s need to be tarred and feathered and ran out of town. If they spent just half the time doing there jobs they would not have time for all this nonsense.

  45. But the dems cannot be fair….such HYPOCRITES!

  46. Amo

    Hey Vince
    He,s not impeached until your asshole speaker turns over the articles of impeachment to the Senate

  47. Shirley

    All the democrats that did this to our great President should run with there tails between there legs. They have been after President Trump since he took office. So I’ve heard they have been planning his impeachment since before he took office. What a bunch of yahoos. What goes around comes around and karma is a bitch. Hopefully our President will file charges against them all. We the people of this great country will never forget how you have put those people, before there own. Disgraceful is what you are.

  48. I have no doubt that the Senate will vote their consciences just as the House did. Oh wait….the dems in the House HAVE NO CONSIENCES!

  49. Hard to prove that OPINIONS, CONJECTURE, & ASSUMPTIONS are ANY type of EVIDENCE !!!!!

  50. Frank S.

    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for they are known and carry their banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, their sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; they speak in the accents familiar to their victim, and they wear their face and their garments and they appeal to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. They rot the soul of a nation; They work secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; They infect the body of politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague” – Cicero 42BC. Enough said!

  51. joe nugent

    tit for tat
    now your despicable star chambor tactics come home to roost. 🙂

  52. Craig Michael Vandertie

    I guess they are of the opinion that miraculously that like all Democrats the Republican Senators will grasp an ideology based on pure evil, we are all doomed to complete misery if that ever occurs, highly improbable it will but the thought should always be within the minds of those who adhere to and embrace the fair and just laws of which our Constitutional Republic is based.

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