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    Nice that we have our best and brightest on the job.

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    How insane is it, that common sense, was so easily forgotten?
    Anyone paying attention can see, that the super high infection rate coupled with the super low death rate, even with unrelated deaths being tallied, tell a completely different story. Most likely, is false positives. Another is the definite power grab by government. What other way do they get us to hand over our liberties, than a manufactured crisis, using a relatively weak virus, which hasn’t changed the average death totals, at all?
    One person in a panic is no big deal. Millions in a panic will destroy the world.

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    Dan Williams

    Astrophysicists sometimes sacrifice common sense because they are so affected by academia! Their brain is like a computer, when too much data is taken in, some spaces have to be deleted and that space reused for more important stuff!

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    Just because there educated doesn’t mean there smart.

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