Coronavirus: WHO warns people will need to get used to ‘a new way of living’ | Patriots 4 Truth

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    WHO Take your Vaccine and Shove it up your A__ !!!!! Life Will come back to Reality when we as Citizens put Our lives on the line to get Rid of Crap like you !!!!!

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    not if we ge rid of these chinese labs that make up bio-weapons of mass deaths. Burn their asses . and let the rest know they on noticed too. WHO is the NWO . remember that

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    The NEW way of living should be . . . No more WHO or the UN. They’re BOTH worthless – and EXTREMELY expensive HABITS. One DISMAYED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Patricia J Holmeide

    And, after WHO demonstrated to the world their boss is China. “who” (pun intended) is gonna listen to them anymore?

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    What we “need” to do is close our damn borders, stop letting in every disease-infected foreigner without any “screening” whatsoever to just come right in. Otherwise this madness will continue, and these people will bring in diseases we eradicated years ago, But differnet “strains”.
    VOTE OUT any and ALL democommunists/rinos that keep obstructing the POTUS that is trying to protect this country, and THEY go behind his back and sneak these individuals in., usually in the middle of the night.

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    These authoritarian bodies want us to give up our liberties and get used to being told what to do. This will not end well.

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    William Simpson


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    …a new way of living? A new normal? Isn’t that what Germany was told after being force fed the Treaty of Versailles? Didn’t a brown shirt corperal stand on street corners and in bar rooms complaining about a disseminated economy and encouraged social distancing from those he felt were the reason for it just before the ” Night of broken glass” went down and the camps opened up?
    What about social distancing called ” Jim Crow” and “Whites only” above the water fountain? Theres nothing new about this neofacist shape shifting and there is no normal.

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    Looks like WHO wants our money so they can help China develop something to destroy our economy and our Christian way of life.
    Close the borders.
    God Bless our country
    Trump 2020

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    I will refer you to my statement to people about Flu shots. Have not had one since 1960 when still in the US army and had no choice. I will not take a Coronavirus vaccination. I am 85 and will live in spite of the government. I had Hydroxy when in the US Army and in an area that had lots of mosquitos.

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