Conservatives Count On Boris Johnson To Deliver Brexit

Nigel Farage told readers of the Telegraph that the Conservative Party will be ‘annihilated’ at a general election in the case that Boris Johnson fails to deliver Brexit to the British people.

In his piece, Farage warns that Prime Minister Johnson could try to pass a version of Theresa May’s unpopular withdrawal treaty in the House of Commons. He also reminded readers that “Johnson twice voted against the Withdrawal Agreement but then fell at the final hurdle by voting for it at the third time of asking, back in March”.

Although the UK’s next General Election is scheduled for 2022, the Brexit Party leader said he would announce 150 candidates to run if Johnson fails to deliver Brexit by the October 31st deadline or seeks to pursue a soft exit like his predecessor did.

Farage’s Brexit Party is said to be making arrangements to run candidates in a general election in Labor heartlands in the north of England, the Midlands, and in Wales where about five million Labor voters backed Brexit.

“Having betrayed them, Labour certainly does not represent them any longer,” Farage wrote.

Even though Prime Minister Johnson has boosted no-deal preparations, he asserts that he can still negotiate a more favorable withdrawal agreement with the European Union.

Farage has lauded Johnson’s performance since taking office at Downing Street, but he has remained wary of the Prime Minister’s commitment to delivering a hard Brexit. He told readers of the Telegraph that they too should remain skeptical about Johnson’s ability to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

“Mr. Johnson did not intend to depart the EU by Halloween but was seeking to improve Britain’s negotiating position over the Withdrawal Agreement,”  Farage wrote.

Farge then added: “It must not be forgotten that Johnson voted for it at the third time of asking. If passing this is now his ambition for Brexit, my party will vigorously oppose him.”

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