Congress Acts Swiftly to Pass $1Trillion in Corona Relief | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Kirk R Kuzmich

    Even though I am bothered by the fact that this will increase the national deficit, the need for immediate action trumps (pun intended) my concern. I am frankly amazed that such cooperation in Congress has been accomplished in spite of the seemingly endless TDS on display the past three-plus years!

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    Where’s the Beef?

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    Peyton Johnson

    Amazing that Congress reaction was so swift, maybe it’s another effort to fool the people again. I’m sure the liberal congress has their corrupt evil hands in the Coronavirus distribution in a last ditch effort to eliminate Trump the best President this nation has ever had or will ever have.

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    I’m not sure I agree with it, but at least it’ll do some good. I remember when the limp wrist fucker was in charge. He doubled the debt, with nothing to show for it.

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    Juan Cruz

    Good job Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the senators for helping pass the corona virus bill. You showed that you are human with feelings for the American citizens. God bless you all and President Trump who I am sure will approve this bill.

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    OK???? Who voted NO Run’em outta town on a rail

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    Congratulations to the American people, for the first time in a long time our elected officials have put their personal interest aside and passed legislation that is 100% for the benefit and saving of our nation and her people. There is no reason this relationship cannot continue after this crisis goes down in history. When I was a young lad our Sunday school class used to sing a song that went something like this: If your friends are my friends and our friends are God’s friends if we all pull together how happy we’ll be! And last but certainly not least, Thank you to our legislators for stepping up out of their cesspool of bias and putting the American people first. We will get through this trial and be stronger yet! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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    Screw Congress impeach every last one of the frigin idiots haven’t worked all year but was able to do this what’s in it for them has to be something dam sure didn’t do it for the country

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    I think the government should pay the employer and the employer pays the employee the amount of hours they would have work each paycheck

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    roy nolen

    to ensure the fastest, safest way to distribute the money, individual and married couples, would be to use the IRS records for mailing address and/or bank account

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    I would like my check what ever it is to be sent to my bank account, not distributed by the IRS, How can we get this done.

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