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    rajendra purmessur

    China is World Leader in theft of intellectual properties and computer datas. See how they produce imitation cars like Land Rover, Rools Royce, Ferrari etc. They steal original designs of these cars to produce their own. At end of the day, most of their products are below standard, cheap and mostly fake.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    I laugh at Barr, what a criminal and treasonous individual, Roger Stone lies to Congress and is sentenced to 9 years in prison, that evil Andrew McCabe lies to Congress and the charges are dropped, unless those Chinese nationalists are on United States soil you cannot prosecute them and do not expect the Chinese Premiere to have the extradited to the United States to be tried.

    I believe it was either Sessions or Rosenstein who had charges against Russian nationalists for allegedly tampering with the 2016 Presidential election results, it was apparent then that unless you have an airtight legal agreement with a foreign government to turn any of their citizens over to you for prosecution for violating your laws you can complain until the cows come home, and pigs and Democrats fly, and you turn blue in the face but they will still refuse your request.

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    great, why don’t we take everything off the computers with sensitive information and put it back in folders. May slow down the process getting information requested, but we don’t have to face China or Russia or N Korea from getting this infmation.
    They’ve hacked into the OPM, where my classification information is held, and now I have to continueally monitor all my systems. Thehy’ve also hacked Experian and the government passed legislation to that we can’t sue them, isn’t that great?
    So take all personal and classified OFF the computers,….they will be the end of us.

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    Kathleen Egbert

    Do you mean the Chinese are recording our every phone call and rolling out the 5G network that will track all of us everywhere we go, record the info permanently and target dissenters by sending disabling or lethal signals to their 5G enabled phone? The Chinese are behind telling us GMO is safe and vaccines are not contaminated and chemtrails don’t exist and that everyone should take as many pharmaceuticals as they can convince their physicians to prescribe and there is no more Autism than there ever was? I had no idea. And I was blaming it all on the USA government and its industry captured alphabet agencies.

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    Nice, it good too know that we’re all safe?the government in sight of doing after what ever been done…you know that the U.S GOV. is busy working for the people…nice, you would think that they would be one step ahead of things too come,but it’s not one nation under God,it’s one for them self’ what you afford to do ,were on own! Keeping people safe right…?

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    Time to take out the top Chinese idiots!

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