Biden Top Donor Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Imaad Zuberi And Joe Biden

Imaad Zuberi, a Pakistani-American venture capitalist closely connected to Biden when he served as Vice President, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on foreign lobbying and campaign finance charges. Zuberi had influence at the highest levels of the U.S. government. He met with both President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden during their administration. He was also closely connected to prominent senators and House members of both political parties, which he used for foreign business deals. Zuberi, 50, pleaded guilty in October 2019 to working as an unregistered…

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High-Powered Explosives Stolen from Largest U.S. Marine Base

Marine Base In San Bernardino

High-powered explosives have gone missing from Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in San Bernardino County, California. Authorities are searching for the explosives and actively investigating their disappearance. KGTV-TV says the explosives were most likely stolen. A reward is being offered for their return. “Sources report that approximately 10 pounds of Composition C-4 disappeared during a long training exercise two weeks ago,” KGTV reported. “They also believe the manufactured plastic explosives may have been stolen.” CNN reported that the Naval Criminal Investigative Services is investigating the incident. Jeff…

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Previously Deported Sex Offender Enters U.S. Again

Border Patrol Agents

Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector arrested a previously deported child sex offender who attempted to reenter the United States. The arrest came after his deportation in 2020 after he served a prison term for sexual abuse of a child. On January 28, border patrol agents came across a migrant who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. The agents arrested the man for illegal border crossing. He was transported to a processing center. All migrants that are apprehended by Border Patrol agents must undergo a medical…

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Trump Supporter Faces 10 Years in Prison for Sharing Memes

Jail Cell

Douglass Mackey, also known as “Ricky Vaughn” was taken into custody after police showed up at his home on charges of “depriving individuals of their constitutional right to vote.” According to the official criminal complaint, Mackey conspired to”injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate persons in the free exercise of a right and privilege secured to them by the Constitution.” Specifically, these alleged “crimes” were carried out through memes. He faces 10 years in prison for the charges. According to The New York Times report on the case: “Federal prosecutors accused Douglass…

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The National UFO Reporting Center

Cape Hatteras Light House

The Cape Hatteras Light House is a very popular tourist destination. It seems that recently it may have attracted visitors from very far away. A local photographer, Wes Snyder, may have recorded a UFO buzzing by the famous landmark. Snyder was taking time-lapse photos next to the beacon through the night of Jan.7. He had no idea what he had captured at about 10:20 p.m. until he was editing the footage later. A flying object rocketed by in the distant sky in 16 frames for about three minutes before disappearing…

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States Brace for Violence as Inauguration Nears

Capitol Hill Protest

Armed protests are expected to take place in all 50 state capitals next week, warned the FBI in a bulletin sent to cops nationwide. “The FBI received information about an identified armed group intending to travel to Washington, DC on 16 January,” adds the memo. “They have warned that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment, a huge uprising will occur. House Democrats moved forward with impeachment efforts this week after Vice President Mike Pence refused to invoke the 25th Amendment. The impeachment effort – clearly designed…

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Trump’s Last Days as President Has the Left Cruising Through La La Land

President Trump Cartoon

Using an analogy from President Trump’s favorite game of golf, he is one short putt from being the former President of the United States.  Though the press refused to believe or report his statements about leaving office in a peaceful manner, he is pretty much doing that – not withstanding his propensity for provocative rhetoric. After losing his last constitutional option, Trump reaffirmed his intention to leave the office peacefully.  Nothing Trump did to try to officially overturn the election was illegal or unconstitutional. Foolish perhaps – but not criminal.…

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Did Russia Just Declare War with the United States?


Dick Durbin, Democratic Senator of Illinois, said that the Russian hack of SolarWinds, maker of the network management tool Orion, was “virtually a declaration of war.” “We need an honest reset in terms of relationships between the United States and Russia,” he told CNN. Durbin continued, “We can’t be buddies with Vladimir Putin and have him at the same time making this kind of cyberattack on America. This is virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States, and we should take it that seriously.” Durbin’s comments come after…

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Voter Fraud? Democrats Urge Voters to Move to Georgia Before Senate Runoff Election

Liberals are urging voters to move to Georgia to vote in the January Senate runoff elections. But they may want to think twice. Moving to Georgia for a short time just to vote is against state law. How long a new arrival has to stay in the state without breaking the law is not clear, according to reports. This week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declined to support fellow Republicans’ push for a special session to make voting rules more strict ahead of the runoff elections, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. “I…

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GOP Pollster Says Polling Industry is ‘Done’

Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz says his industry is “done” after major forecasts were way off in projecting outcomes in the 2020 election. The details As numbers continue rolling in for the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Luntz told Axios, “The political polling profession is done.” He added, “It is devastating for my industry.” National polls leading up to Election Day showed Biden held an advantage over Trump, but the two candidates were neck and neck out of the gate and remained in a…

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