California Judge Rules to Allow Strip Clubs to Open, Orders Churches Stay Closed

A San Diego, California judge has ruled that the state cannot take any action to prevent strip clubs from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment,” and must allow them to reopen. The owners had argued their First Amendment rights were being violated and the judge agreed.

Meanwhile, places of worship are making the exact same argument about their First Amendment rights and remain closed.

Religious-liberty advocates said that the case could pave the way for lifting coronavirus restrictions against churches. Paul Jonna, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, which is representing churches challenging the restrictions, expressed confidence that this decision bodes well for the churches. If strip clubs are entitled to constitutional protections, then churches are as well, he told the Free Beacon.

“If you’re going to accept that argument that dancing nude is protected speech that’s so significant that it overcomes the government’s interest in regulating its citizens with COVID-19 orders, then obviously the divine worship of God, which is expressly mentioned in the First Amendment, should be held to a higher standard,” Jonna said.

In San Deigo, the latest round of lockdowns will allow barbers and beauty salons to stay open, but limit bars, restaurants, and gyms to outdoor business only.

Churches in California have been locked in legal struggles with state authorities for months as churches of different denominations take legal action to try to end the indefinite limitations on indoor services. Jonna said that the San Diego decision highlights “the absurdity” and double standards that have defined the state’s approach to lockdowns.

“A judge who understands the Constitution will recognize the absurdity of the current state of the law,” he said. “I think it’s a good sign that judges are starting to question whether the government has a legitimate interest in regulating any business or industry at this point.”

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6 Thoughts to “California Judge Rules to Allow Strip Clubs to Open, Orders Churches Stay Closed”

  1. MikefromTexas

    Why not, they give out needles, make prostitution legal in San. Fran. and don’t like Christians.

  2. Nellie

    The casinos in Riverside county, CALIFORNIA were loaded parking lot. That’s a Chinese owned casino. Prayers for our constitutional rights in Churches and public schools.

  3. Nellie

    Democrats don’t want to be investigated. Trumps agenda is working. The wall is working. Pelosi’s agenda on mail in ballot is nothing but fraud.
    Voting machines were changing my votes.
    Obama Biden Broen Harris, san Diego schools have Muslim prayers. Now California public schools have Muslim prayers, no Christian prayers allowed. Harris was DA, released felons pardoned so they can vote.

  4. Raymond

    The dumacrat party is the most evil group of people and are not capable of governing the United States. They are doing the work of george soros / one world government. Our constitution won’t allow it and so this there way around it.

  5. Raymond

    The dumacrats are the most evil group of people who are trying to destroy the USA any way can. Biden is a trojen horse.

  6. That is the most blantant display of NWO rules… right in front of our face. SMDH.

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